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Top 10 Beach Boys Songs

Ever since I was a baby I always loved The Beach Boys. Inever failed to have a cassette tape with me anywhere I traveled.  The catchy tunes and great harmonies always had me singing and dancing right along.  Today I present you with my top 10 Beach Boys songs.  With over 50 years together, The Beach Boys have quite a few great songs.  I hope you enjoy my picks.

 10.  “The Monkey’s Uncle” (1965) Feat Annette Funicello

“The Monkey’s Uncle” released in 1965.  The song featured Annette Funicello on lead vocals with The Beach Boys backing her up.  The song is from the movie The Monkey’s Uncle which starred Annette and Tommy Kirk back in their Disney days.  I love this song because of how playful it is and I also love the movie.  “The Monkey’s Uncle” was written by the Sherman Brothers who wrote many songs for Disney movies in the 60’s.  The harmonies between The Beach Boys and Annette are on par.  A classic song for all involved with it.

9.  “Little Saint Nick” (1963)

One of the best known Christmas Songs released in the past 50 years, this song makes you wish it would be summer in the dead middle of winter.  A catchy song about old man Christmas himself, this song plays every Christmas on radio stations and Christmas parties.  This is probably one of the only Christmas songs I can listen to year round and be ok with it.  The song showcases the simple harmonies of the early Beach Boys days over the surf sound they are famous for.

8. “Fun, Fun, Fun” (1964)

“Fun, Fun, Fun,” a song about a girl taking her daddy's car out for a spin and getting into trouble but having fun while doing so.  Another great Beach Boys song with a surf sound talking about life in 1964 for teenagers.  What is great about this song is that it can apply to any generation of teenager having fun in a car. 

 7.  “When I Grow Up (To be a Man)” (1964) 

What I love about “When I Grow Up (To be a Man)” is how relatable the song is.  It talks about what life has in store when you get older and the questions about what is going to happen.  As a kid listening to this song it made me think about what life would be like when I was older. 

 6.  “Be True to Your School” (1963)

As a kid born in 1986 watching Full House, I remember Mike Love singing this song on the show.  It’s a great song about school pride.  Listening to this song now makes me wish for kids to be more proud of school instead of being so against it. 

 5.   “California Girls” (1965)

This is not the Katy Parry “California Girls” which is a play off The Beach Boys song.  Every band of guys has to have a song talking about girls and The Beach Boys are no different.  Even David Lee Roth had to have fun with the song back in the 80’s.  It’s a catchy song talking about girls all over the world but how they can’t top a California girl.  It’s a song I love to sing along with in the car at the top of my lungs, whichever version is on. 

 4.  "Surfin' U.S.A" (1963)

The introduction to the surf sound by The Beach Boys, “Surfin’ U.S.A” talks about what it is like to go surfin’ and catching a wave.  A great summer track that I love listening to year round, even when I was kid, because it was that catchy.  It's songs like this that make me think I should have been born in the 60’s instead of the 80’s at times.  You can’t help but to dance to this track.

 3. “God Only Knows” (1966)

One of the Beach Boys slower tracks, “God Only Knows” had Brian Wilson's brother Carl on lead vocals.  An amazing love song that can make anyone's heart melt.  It talks about being so in love with someone that only God knows the true feelings of how that person feels.  I love singing along with this song and I know it will be one of my songs whenever I get married.

 2.   “Good Vibrations” (1966)

“Good Vibrations,” a song that inspired The Beatles with their later work and has to be one of the best Beach Boys songs around.  With the release of Pet Sounds, the Beach Boys started changing their sound from the Surfer rock of the early 60’s to more a psychedelic sound.  The layers of sounds and harmonies used really make this song.  This is what a real pop song should sound like.

 1.  "Kokomo" (1988)

My all-time favorite Beach Boys song is “Kokomo.”  This was the first Beach Boy song not to feature Brian Wilson at all during the entire process of making the song.  It was featured in a very popular Tom Cruise movie Cocktail.  This song has more of an island sound to it along with the same great vocals we all came to love with The Beach Boys.   Also it helps that John Stamos played drums in the video. 

 This is my list.  Another hard one to pick because there are so many great songs The Beach Boys have made.  I hope you enjoyed this list.

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Looking for more from Poshy2005?

Poshy2005 Posted on Nov 03, 2015 at 05:00 AM

I'm glad everybody is enjoying this list. I like Forever as well, but its not one of my go to Beach Boys songs. Still a great song.

jkatz Posted on Nov 03, 2015 at 02:05 AM

Love the Beach Boys. I would've included Forever because even out of all their amazing songs that one really stands out for me.

echidna64 Posted on Oct 30, 2015 at 10:30 PM

There are so many great Beach Boys songs- Surfer Girl, Good Vibrations, California Girls, etc. One of my favorites is Forever which interestingly enough was also featured on the TV show Full House. John Stamos was a big Beach Boys fan and I believe he even went on tour with them.

Vaporman87 Posted on Oct 30, 2015 at 03:51 PM

What a great list! The Beach Boys are one of those bands that transcends time and changing sounds. They're one of the greatest bands of all time in my opinion. Anyone of any taste in music can find at least one song of theirs that they find appealing, and that's hard to accomplish. Thanks for this Poshy.

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