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Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 2

Welcome folks! As I kick off Volume two, my obscure game playing continues as I was just beginning school and being introduced to the Sega Genesis. Two last NES games are mentioned here as I move on to the ol' Genesis console games.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy - 1989

The Adventures of Bayou Billy was almost like Vice: Project Doom as it also had driving and shooting segments, but its mostly a beat 'em up. The story involves Billy's girlfriend Annabelle getting kidnapped and taken to an estate by a bigwig and his gang of thugs. This one has a real challenge, and it's recommended only if you have a working NES Zapper.

Game Rating: 7/10

Nintendo World Cup - 1990

Developed by the same guys that brought us River City Ransom and Double Dragon, Nintendo World Soccer is a fun and simplistic Soccer game. Each team has six players, a midfielder, two defenders and the goalkeeper. You can get around your opponents by tackling or sliding into them, and you can perform moves such as a bicycle kick or a "super shot" which can help give you the advantage. Very fun, and a lot of replay value.

Game Rating: 9/10

Cyborg Justice - 1993

Being a styled beat 'em up with an interesting concept, Cyborg Justice had you build your own robot before going in on the action, giving them different body parts and a few weapons of choice, such as a saw, a flamethrower, or an arm cannon. Due to the game including body parts, you could remove them from your opponents involving a certain press of buttons, however this can happen vice versa, and you could also take their weapon to attach to your body! This game had one fault though, as a rocket shoots from offscreen in your direction when you're not fighting any enemies, but they can be avoided.

Game Rating: 6/10

Socket Time Dominator - 1993

Sonic the hedgehog had an interesting concept while it lasted, and with it came a few inspired third party games for the Sega Genesis. One that's not very known is Socket Time Dominator, The plot involves an overlord named Time Dominator that's gone through time to steal treasures from different periods. So you play as Socket, a duck that also goes through time to prevent these kind of events. The game is a fast-paced platformer like Sonic, and you collect little zaps for energy. But you can't dilly-dally as your health energy goes down on its own.

Game Rating: 5/10

Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl - 1992

I wasn't all that fond of football at the time, but this game had a nice little twist in that sport, as it's medieval themed, and you could punch your opponents, as well as beat the stuffing out of them while another player grabs the ball. The fields that you play in aren't a cakewalk though, as they have pits and obstacles that you can trip over and bump into, so passing the ball is always key. It can be pretty fun, but the novelty can run thin after a while.

Game Rating: 6/10

Fantastic Dizzy - 1991

Hoo boy, this is an odd one... The story in this one is about a wizard that casts a spell upon these egg-shaped folk called "yolkfolk" and you play as a heroic yolkfolk named Dizzy who must go and defeat the wizard and save his girlfriend. The gameplay involves collecting certain objects and bringing them to a location that's needed for certain sections, though you need to conserve them as you can only carry a few. It's a platform game as well, and though there are enemies you can't really do anything to attack them. There are a few minigames strewn into the game such as mine carting and puzzle solving.

Game Rating: 7/10

That's it for this volume! Next time I'll mention one last Sega Genesis game as I'll go forward with some Super Nintendo titles as well as ones for the Sega Game Gear handheld. See you then!
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Benjanime Posted on Feb 08, 2013 at 04:12 PM

hot dang! thanks for the links vapor! i'll be sure to try 'em out once i submit the last couple of volumes

Vaporman87 Posted on Feb 08, 2013 at 02:31 PM

Bayou Billy, Cyborg Justice, Nintendo World Cup, Fantastic Dizzy, and Jerry Glanville's Footbrawl are all playable at Retro Uprising!!! Wow.. >

Bayou Billy > Billy

Nintendo World Cup > World Cup

Cyborg Justice > Justice

Jerry Glanville's Footbrawl >

Fantastic Dizzy > Dizzy

raptor Posted on Jan 28, 2013 at 02:36 PM

I had a cousin who owned Bayou Billy and I traded him straight up for my copy of Bionic Commando only to stick the thing in and discover it would not work. Like, 20 some years later and he still owes me a working game, the chump.

Another good list of games man. Good article.

AceNThaHole Posted on Jan 28, 2013 at 06:04 AM

Ha! Awesome list of unheard of games

Its hilarious how those soccer players are almost identical to the characters in some of their other games

Mr Magic Posted on Jan 27, 2013 at 01:00 PM

The Adventures of Bayou Billy was definitely not an easy one. The first level is a challenge along.

Benjanime Posted on Jan 27, 2013 at 04:05 AM

actually, midway was involved with an arcade version of the game called "pigskin 621 A.D." while the genesis version was developed by a company called razor soft

Vaporman87 Posted on Jan 26, 2013 at 09:42 PM

You've refreshed my memory with that mention of Cyborg Justice! My brother and I had a fairly enjoyable time customizing our bots in that game.

I wish there had been a wider variety of customizations, but for what it was it managed to entertain us for hours.

That "footbrawl" game looks like something that was developed by the people behind Rampage and Arch Rivals.

A great read, thanks for for this!

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