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ThatDudeintheHoodie looks at Disney's One Saturday Morning

What is there to say about Saturday Morning Cartoons? They were a staple of our childhood when we would get up early Saturday morning make a big bowl of Fruit Loops or French Toast Crunch and watch the newest episode of our favorite shows. Usually we would tune into ether Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Kid's WB or Fox Kids. However today I'll be looking at a Saturday morning block that is somewhat known. But sadly not that much talked about. I give you Disney's One Saturday Morning. But first a bit of history on this block cause this has an interesting history to it.

Before Disney's One Saturday Morning there was ABC Saturday Morning in 1996 until the channel was taken over by Disney in 1997 and was about to get a major overhaul as One Saturday Morning soon premiered as a two hour block along side ABC Saturday Morning. Before taking over the whole morning block.

 The concept was to make it different from other Saturday morning blocks in the mid to late nineties. It had it's own shorts along with the shows. In 2002 the block was renamed ABC Kids soon after Disney bought the assets of the Fox Kids block.The block lasted until August 27th 2011 and soon ABC stopped showing animated shows on Saturday morning becoming the first station to not show cartoons since 1992.

The format is pretty much what SNICK tried to do in it's later years though it was done right. It made the shows integrated with one running theme. What was the theme? The theme was that Saturday is a very special and unique day. How did they do that? Well to understand it you'll have to look at the theme song and it's video. You heard me right this block had an intro song and a memorable one at that. What was it about? It was a song about the week. It would say something about the day of a week and is bridged with kids singing "One Saturday Morning" and went on to the next day until it got to Saturday and sang about how awesome it was. The video for the song the days were represented as buildings and Saturday was represented by a giant fun looking castle with Roller coasters and many things and when you go inside it's like grand central station of fun. Alot of things happening all at once with kids running around having fun, roller coasters and so on.

Now like I said the format was like SNICK in it's later years done right. How so? Well there usually was a host that introduced themselves at the beginning and the shows were treated like floors of the Saturday castle along with it's own shorts that were lightly educational. Such as Manny the Uncanny which looks at odd and weird jobs and shows how the job works, How it Werks which has a comic book format with a Fifties style spin. Where a boy is asked how something works and explains the right way only to be told they are wrong by an adult and explains it in a very odd and outlandish way just to name a couple.

The shows were of course Disney shows such as Mickey Mouse Works, Recess, Doug (When Disney bought it from Nickelodeon) , Pepper Ann and so on. The line up was usually solid with small changes here and there I stayed tuned in until Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon or something else I liked more came on as a kid. It was worth it for when there were ether reruns or nothing going on that Saturday.

However as good as the format and the line up was this Saturday morning block was better in small doses. Even though it did what SNICK couldn't do. It did get stale after a while. They usually had the same skits at the same time and didn't really change it up that much outside of the rare show change or new show. Which I feel was it's ultimate downfall.

Overall this block wasn't too bad. It had a workable format some of the skits were good and the shows weren't too bad. But with the lineup not really changing and nothing really new being brought to the block and in turn the block got stale pretty fast. Is it enjoyable? Yea it can be it's not bad just not great on longevity. Like I said in 2002 it got a re-brand as ABC Kids and that had a normal format like any other Saturday morning block and that lasted longer even though it ended a few years later. Though it will always be fondly remembered by some I can see why no one really talks about it though. That concludes my look at Disney's One Saturday Morning. Hope you enjoyed it. Now if you'll excuse me there is an orange time capsule that needs my long needed attention.

Remember everyone Live Life and Live Nostalgic.

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DoctorRyan Posted on May 24, 2014 at 03:29 AM

Yeah, that's what got me burned out on a lot of everything. Overexposure. Saturday mornings to me were almost as holy as Sundays are to Christians.

ThatDudeintheHoodie Posted on Mar 03, 2014 at 03:11 PM

Same here also the internet ruined it as well. Mostly for the same reason 24 hour cartoon channels have as well.

Vaporman87 Posted on Mar 03, 2014 at 02:59 PM

I miss the novelty of the Saturday Morning cartoon blocks. Not just on cable, but on regular network television. With all the 24 hour cartoon channels available these days, the magic of a special time set aside for cartoons is forever lost now. But I remember it... and I remember it well.

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