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Guided by Light and Tales of a 1,000 Toys

By: MissM

What do Modulok (from Masters of the Universe) and Glimmer (from Princess of Power) have in common? On the surface not very much, but they were released this February in the new Masters of the Universe Classics line by Mattel that pays tribute to the original vintage toy lines. While there are already plenty of images and articles about these new figures, I wanted to take a look back at the vintage Modulok and Glimmer; both really wonderful toys in their own right.


I never owned Modulok growing up, but what I did know of him was from this vintage commercial:


There have been a few vintage MOTU toys that have scared me; I’ve certainly discussed them before, but there haven’t been many toy commercials that leave me with a scary chill. This commercial simply gives me chills. The sound effect of “Modulok” repeating over and over sounds terrifying as does the music in the background. Can we also just discuss the concept of this toy? He can be put together in all kinds of devilish designs that create a fully monstrous character. Add to that, Modulok is also a devious mind for the Horde. While he seems like a monster created by some mad scientist, he is the mad scientist. How can anyone not be a little threatened by this guy? He was released in the 4th wave of MOTU figures and was treated like a deluxe figure. Did anyone have a Modulok? Were there truly endless possibilities for what one could create with all his parts? What about Glimmer? Did anyone own her?


Glimmer was released as part of the first wave in the She-Ra: Princess of Power toy line and she was special. She was the guide that lights the way; for fun! First off I still adore the packaging for the She-Ra line. I have talked non-stop about my love for this toy packaging. The colors and lettering are simply superb. The bubble also looks exquisite, as if it is something luxurious and fancy.


I’ve owned a few Glimmer figures and have talked about each one numerous times. It is actually a strange thing that I have come across so many Glimmer action dolls. She is one of my favorite characters, but not one that I would have imagined owning a few of.


My very first Glimmer was found at a Crafts Etc. when I was maybe four or so. Both the He-Man and She-Ra toylines were hugely popular in the 80’s and they could be found at all kinds of stores. Crafts Etc. was a store for, you guessed it, arts and crafts. They weren’t really known for a toy aisle and yet I vividly recall seeing a small section of POP toys for sale. One of them was Glimmer.


There was this sense of magic at any sight of a POP toy in stores. I would compare it to how some people have described the magic of a MOTU figure in a store. There were just these colorful and interesting looking characters to look at. Glimmer was also a toy that didn’t really look like her cartoon counterpart, so that made her even more fascinating.


Anyways, I remember standing in the makeshift toy aisle at Crafts Etc. and just being transfixed. Her hair was curly and all the pink and purple on the toy and card were mesmerizing. I thought she lived on the Moon or came from the stars. I instantly devised a plan to ask my mom if I could find a way to bring her home. After all, she had friends to meet and adventures to go on.


My parents weren’t big on randomly buying toys for my brother and me, but every now and then we would get something. Maybe Glimmer was on sale or maybe I had caught my mom in the right mood, but she agreed that day. Once our shopping was complete and we headed back into the car, I just remember sitting in the backseat and holding this item in my hands. It was just a piece of plastic with some rooted hair, but it felt so much more than that.


I can’t explain this feeling but I know this feeling does not apply to every single toy ever owned. Maybe it is the nature of this being one of my earliest memories or maybe it involves the long saga of losing that original Glimmer and searching for her for many years. I am not sure. I just know that having Glimmer with the rest of my She-Ra toys was special.


The images I have been sharing are from my recent Glimmer items. There was the original Glimmer I had as a kid that I lost and was then able to find again. If you are interested you can read that sordid tale here. I received my second Glimmer (the one loose in the images) from my now ex-husband, and the third one (still in package) was a purchase I found for a steal on eBay. I know this must all sound insane, but there it is: my unique story with Glimmer. Enjoy some more photos!


Here is a closer photo of Glimmer. The bubble has yellowed through the years so the clarity over the figure is not as good as it could be.


The back of the card for the first wave is pretty interesting. I like the mix of the giant head with the image of the action doll. These illustrations are stunning.


This is the up close image of the head and description of the “action” feature. Glow in the dark pieces are not exactly action features for some, but I do love some stuff that glows in the dark.


A lineup for the first wave was pretty basic, just the core characters of the Great Rebellion and Catra. The descriptions are very fun. I love that Bow is deemed She-Ra’s “special friend.” That is how romantic rumors get started. I’m just saying.


Finally here are some images of the comic included with the toy. I loved the mini comics packed with these toys. It is a hallmark for many fans of both MOTU and POP.


Please feel free to share any of your own personal toy stories filled with magic. I know it sounds silly, but there is something magical about our memories of the things we have collected/owned in our lives. I hope that you are all doing well. Take care!   

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Looking for more from MissM?

MissM Posted on Mar 06, 2014 at 05:25 AM

Yeah, he was a bit short changed with this article. I never had him and really all I knew of him from the vintage toy was the commercial. I liked the idea of him being created into all these parts.

Glimmer was a fun toy and I loved reading about your memories with your sister. I liked rooted hair too, but I was never one for brushing it. I hated brushing doll hair and I love hair! I was always annoyed that the hair would never look the same as before. But there was something also realistic about rooted hair that made the toys seem more real. I don't know if that makes any sense. I am glad you posted this comment!

Vaporman87 Posted on Mar 03, 2014 at 03:09 PM

Poor Modulok has been short changed here with a single commercial, while Glimmer has 9 images to show for her contributions. LOL.

I did own Modulok from the original MOTU line, but remember very little about him. I had begun to lose interest in MOTU around the time of his release, having moved on to other, newer toys. But the combinations that could be made with his various parts seemed like a lame gimmick compared to some of the other MOTU offerings (I mean, Kobra Khan can shoot out water... Mosquitor can suck your blood... well, pretend to).

My sister owned Glimmer and many other She-Ra figures, and the two of us would make the He-Man and She-Ra universes cross paths many times. I think I was a bit upset that my two female MOTU characters, Teela and Evil-Lyn, didn't have rooted hair. Why, I couldn't say. Considering I hated brushing/combing my own hair. LOL

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