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Retro-Daze Presents: Toy Talk with Miss M!

By: MissM

Voice Over: Ladies and gentlemen, toys and dolls, it is time to welcome your hostess with the mostess, Miss M!

Cheers erupt as Miss M steps out full of smiles.

Miss M: Welcome everyone! Retro-Daze presents Toy Talk, with me, Miss M! You may know me from my adventures on Diary of a Dorkette and from my articles on NERDSociety, but with the help of Retro-Daze I will be sharing even more toy talk than ever before! Don’t worry, that pit in your stomach is not nausea. It’s excitement! On today’s show we have a special retro guest but before we bring her out, can someone explain to me what Jessica Rabbit is up to? That’s right; it’s time for some Hot Toy Topics!

Miss M: Ok so before we get to Jessica Rabbit, I have some sad news to report. Long time teacher and friend Edna Krabappel is going to be retiring from the Springfield Elementary school system. She will be leaving behind a rich legacy full of jaded cynicism and a laugh that is unrivaled.

Miss M: I was fortunate to meet Edna awhile back courtesy of Playmates. We had so much in common, including great tales and gripes involving men and love. We also vented quite regularly on life topics over wine or margaritas; sometimes both in one sitting. She will be missed.

Miss M: Let’s move on to Jessica Rabbit. It’s been awhile since we last saw her, and Toy Talk reached out to her to see just what she has been doing. We found out that she was planning on going under the pen for a breast reduction and insertion of extra vertebrae in her back. Her hopes are that this will put her in the spotlight again.

Miss M: Here’s what I think, no one cares about reductions, vertebrae insertions or any other animated procedures! We need to see Jessica return to film. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was a classic movie! So many questions are left unanswered, how has Toon Town aged? Is Dip still running rampant in the streets? Has big CGI business come in and forever changed the face of Toon Town? These are the things that retro fans want to know. More importantly, why aren't there any cameras following Jessica and that rabbit husband of hers? That is a story that we want to know more about! That’s all. This next bit of news troubles me so. I am a big proponent of girl power. I think there is nothing stronger than the bonds of warrior women, so I am just rolling my eyes at this next story.

Miss M: Word on the toy aisle is that a cat-fight broke out between Catra and She-Ra during a big party at the Crystal Castle. I don’t understand why these titans of beauty and power must continue to fight so. It is just insanity. However we will know more about this story with our special guest. She is known as the beautiful flying look out of the Great Rebellion and her recent appearance at Comikaze has had fans flapping their opinions. Please welcome Flutterina!

Flutterina walks out and makes her way to the special guest stage!

Miss M: It is so nice to see you again! You look fantastic.

Flutterina: Oh goodness, I don’t know. I messed my wings up and put them on backwards.

Miss M: Well turn around and show them off! I’m sure we have a wing cam somewhere around here!

Miss M: The colors are just amazing! Come on let’s talk.

Flutterina: (removes her wings and gets comfortable.) Thank you for having me.

Miss M: Of course. I’m glad we were able to fit you in. Now let’s see, you first appeared in 1986 correct?

Flutterina: Yes. I had a contract with Mattel and even appeared in a few episodes of the She-Ra cartoon. There were two episodes I was heavily featured in: A Lesson in Love and Out of the Cocoon. I also had a brief scene in the Christmas Special. It was such a magical time back then.

Miss M: Yes I know. I loved how your wings came with a flutter feature to mimic flying. Your shield also helped to further remind fans everywhere that you were far from a pretty face, but also a force to be reckoned with!

Flutterina:couldn't agree more. The Princess of Power line was more than just brushing hair and swapping fantastic fashions. There was a sense of action and adventure that was really quite new for girls. Fans of all ages and genders ate it up.

Miss M: That message has certainly endured. What do you say though to your detractors? There are quite a few people out there who find you to be nothing more than a pastel mess and an unnatural spot in the He-Man and She-Ra mythos.

Flutterina: I don’t understand that. How can something be unnatural that is occurring in nature? I wasn't plucked from space like Sweet Bee. I was created in the world that we all live in. My pastel colors only make me that more unique.

Miss M: I agree. I think for some it can be difficult to view a brightly colored girl as a strong warrior of good, but if we have learned anything from the Bronies, it is that you can be strong and be decked out in bright fun colors. It doesn't change anything.

Flutterina: Exactly. I can wield a sword like nobody’s business. Someone has to help fight against the Horde.

Miss M: How has that been going? What have you been up to since 1986?

Flutterina: Oh a great deal Miss M. Upon my work with the other members of the Great Rebellion, I also joined forces with Captain Planet on an initiative to help save the rain forests and insect life found within.

Miss M: Oh wow! I somehow missed that back in the day.

Flutterina: It must have been a quiet news day. There may have even been a romance.

Miss M: Now see, that’s the kind of cross pollination I like to hear about! Was his mullet dreamy?

Flutterina: Beyond dreamy. The relationship didn't last though.

Miss M: Would you be willing to sit on the couch and have an interview with him?

Flutterina: I don’t know that people would be able to handle that.

Miss M: Probably not. So what’s the deal with Catra and She-Ra fighting at the Crystal Castle?

Flutterina: They are always fighting about something. It was always the one sore spot among the original cast. The characters were about empowerment, and for some reason they could just never get along. It all started when Mattel informed Catra that She-Ra would end up being the star of the show.

Miss M: Do you think that this drama might be for attention though?

Flutterina: Possibly. There were cameras at that party. What do you think?

Miss M: Oh yeah, totally. Well Flutterina I hate to cut this short, but we are about out of time.

Flutterina: Oh all right.

Miss M: It was a pleasure to meet you and maybe the next time you stop by you can bring some retro Flutterina packaging or something?

Flutterina: I will certainly try!

With the show nearly over, Miss M has just a little bit more to say.

Miss M: I want to thank Flutterina for being my guest on Toy Talk. I loved catching up with her. She’s just a joy, right? I also want to thank you all for tuning in. I hope this was entertaining and while you are here, be sure to check out the other wonderful articles and forum on Retro-Daze. There’s always some retro Toy Talk going on! Take care everyone.  





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Looking for more from MissM?

MissM Posted on Nov 07, 2013 at 05:42 AM

Thank you very much OldSchool80s!

OldSchool80s Posted on Nov 06, 2013 at 02:14 AM

Welcome! Looking forward to more!

MissM Posted on Nov 06, 2013 at 01:41 AM

Thank you Vaporman87! I was thinking of a nice way to write a first post, and I thought, "what would it be like if I had a toy talk show?" lol

I do think Flutterina went through some makeover stuff, because the new one does look a little different, but you are right, it is enough to make her feel like Flutterina.

And I so know what you mean, this new NA Skeletor is a vast improvement! Just beyond vast!

Vaporman87 Posted on Nov 06, 2013 at 12:05 AM

I noticed Flutterina will be making an appearance in the MOTU Classics line. She must have went on one of those makeover shows, because she looks slightly different, though very much still Flutterina.

And they have somehow managed to make NA Skeletor bearable to look at... which he certainly was not when first released. LOL

Great interview Miss M.

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