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RetroJunk Classic: Is Nickelodeon Studios Reopening?

(Originally published at RetroJunk in 2012)

It's Thatdudeinthehoodie here with my thoughts on a rumor of Nickelodeon Studios being reopened in 2013.

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Nickelodeon Studios back in her glory days.

First a bit of back story behind this rumor and what the rumor is. I recently found out about this rumor, though it started back in August. However, after doing some research I only managed to come across a post that was on back in August. I'm quoting the actual post on the reasoning behind the rumor.

"According to the Facebook page "Let's Bring Back The old Nickelodeon", a mutual friend of one of the moderators works at [Universal Orlando Resort] and said that the Studio Tour for Nick Studios is back in the works, due to people trying to break in all year round."

Now the source and reason from the quoted part of the post are pretty sketchy. First the source. The source was a friend of the moderator, which usually means a game of telephone. You know when one person says something to another and passes it on which usually means something will get changed in some shape or form. As for the reason, it wouldn't be an entirely bad reason but unlikely as well. However if this were the case - people consistently breaking into old rides and attractions - places such as The Wonders of Life Pavilion at EPCOT would be opened back up by now. However opening the studios wouldn't be a bad idea.

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Who thinks this place should make a comeback too?

I usually say this when it comes to the studios. But I think if they ever reopen it make it a walk through attraction or Museum of the old classic rides and attractions such as Jaws, King Kong, Back To The Future and so on, or at least the most popular rides on the first floor. Then the second floor is all Nickelodeon. They would have Props, The ride cars and Ride Footage on the first floor. As for Nickelodeon it would consist of Props from shows that were taped at the studios and the murals on the walls of the second floor. The outside would have maybe a mini version of the slime geyser. Along with the upstairs area being a resting area or cafe and the time capsule near the entrance. Along with a couple ideas such as the Nickelodeon part being hosted by Stick Stickly or having a feature on the lines of "The History of Nickelodeon Studios" and the entire Opening ceremony of the studios. As for Photo ops how about the orange couch from SNICK with a SNICK themed background and props. Along with the ride cars, have a background of their respective movies or themes that are on the first floor. This idea would probably be Universal Studios Florida's best bet. Because it'll bring the nostalgia of the rides from the park's past but also bring in 90's era Nickelodeon fans as well.

article image

Who would love to see this make a grand return to Nick Studios?

Another idea would be a Nickelodeon live show. Even though there was a tour based on this while it was opened, it could get a revamp. This new one would consist of both floors and at the end there would be a History of Nickelodeon Studios movie or you could be able to watch the opening ceremony of the studios. Having the tour being hosted by either an employee or, again, Stick Stickly or some other Nickelodeon Celebrity from one of the shows that were filmed in the studios. It would have cut outs of hosts and sets around the sound stage and would move to the second floor where the technical parts of the show would take place and would have mannequins or cutouts of people working with the equipment to make the show. At the end would be a wall of all the shows that were filmed there.

In July 2012, A YouTuber named AdamtheWoo managed to get inside the unused area of the studio and took a look around. Here is the result of his adventure:

A very recent look inside.

As the video shows there is plenty of room to have a Museum/Walk through Attraction and more. It is like going through a time capsule. It was as if you walked back in time and saw what it was like back when the halls were filled with all kinds of people that helped make an episode of your favorite show or shows you watched as a kid.

There is also C'mon Fwank's video on the studios while one of the GUTS shows was being filmed there. Even though it's a bit outdated it is worth mentioning it's existence because this was one of the first recent peeks inside the studio before Blue Man Group took it over.

My final thoughts on the rumor. Is it in good standing? Sadly no. As I mentioned before both the source and reason are pretty shaky so it's pretty unlikely. But is it a bad idea? Not even close! I already gave my ideas on what to put in it. This has so much potential to be something great. It could be a Museum or a peek into how a show was made then during the studio's glory days. The sky is the limit if this were true. How about you guys? If you were given the opportunity to reopen Nick Studios into something what would you do? What would be in it? Let me know.

I'm Thatdudeinthehoodie. 'Til my next article... Live life and stay 90's

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