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13 Things that I remembered from my childhood

Do you remember the things that you have done during your childhood?  Or do you remember what was considered to be extremely popular when you were growing up?  Everyone grows up with something different.  But what we all have in common is that we enjoy sharing our childhood experiences with other people.  So, without further ado, I am going to list 13 things that really stood out to me during my childhood!


Disney Afternoon

The Disney Afternoon was a block that I used to watch a lot when I was little.  I have so many fond memories of this block as there were a lot of fantastic shows that used to air during this block.  Some of my all-time favorite shows that aired during this block were “Ducktales,” “Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers,” “Gargoyles” and “Gummi Bears!”   Seriously, Disney needs to make another block like this in the near future, just so future generations can see just how AMAZING this block was!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Now seriously.  How could this list be complete without mentioning “Sonic the Hedgehog?” Sonic the Hedgehog was a huge part of my childhood as it was the video game that got me into…well…video games!  I just loved running so fast throughout each level and the music on almost all of those 1990s games were amazing to listen to, with my favorites being Ice Cap Zone from “Sonic the Hedgehog 3” and Flying Battery Zone from “Sonic and Knuckles!”  Some of my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog games at the time were “Sonic the Hedgehog 2,” “Sonic the Hedgehog 3” and “Sonic and Knuckles!”

Fox Kids

I was a true cartoon fanatic when I was little.  But there was one cartoon block that really cemented my love for cartoons and that was the Fox Kids block!  The Fox Kids block was probably the best Saturday Morning block at the time, with the ABC Saturday Morning block being a close second!  Some of my all-time favorite shows that came on Fox Kids were “X-Men: The Animated Series,” “Batman: The Animated Series” and “Animaniacs!”


“Nickelodeon!”  Aah…Nickelodeon… It was often considered the COOLEST channel at the time and it was easy to understand why!  I was always excited to watch any show that came on Nickelodeon, because they were all so good and awesome to watch!  Some of my favorite shows that I used to watch all the time on Nickelodeon were “Hey Arnold!” “Rugrats,” “The Angry Beavers,” “The Secret World of Alex Mack” and “All That!”

Mouse Trap

Do you all remember this popular board game called “Mouse Trap?” Me and my sister were so obsessed with that game because there was no other board game like it!  I mean, what board game have you seen that actually has a clever contraption put on the board where you can capture the mouse?  You just have to play the game for yourselves to see just how AWESOME this game was!

Spice Girls

Do you all remember this popular girl band that came out during the 1990s?  I was a huge fan of this band back in the day and I used to buy all of their music!  Their music was just so unique and energetic that I just had to listen to whatever songs they sang! My favorite song that I used to listen to all the time was “Too Much” from the “SpiceWorld” soundtrack! Too bad they’ve broken up since then.

Book Fairs

This is like the first “school” related memory on this list, but I remembered the days when I used to go to my school’s book fairs.  They were like the BEST things for me because I loved to read books all the time when I was little (and I still love to read to this very day) and because they were a good way to get out of classes!


Back in the 1990s, ABC used to have this block called “TGIF” that used to come on every Friday.  I used to come home from school every Friday and tune in around 8:00 pm to watch my favorite sitcoms like “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” “Family Matters” and “Boy Meets World.”  I loved watching this block because it felt like I was watching a more mature block that made me feel like a grown up!  Not to mention, half of those sitcoms were so HILARIOUS to watch!


PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!  I would have to say that pizza was my major food source at the time because it was considered one of the most popular food items to snack on while watching TV or just having a big celebration!  Every time I went to a party when I was little, we always had pizza, which just made me happy all the time!

Dragonball Z

Aah… Dragonball Z…I will admit that I didn’t really get into this series until I was in middle school, but man, was it one popular show back in the day!  I used to tune in on Toonami, grab my VHS tape and record every single episode that was playing so that way, I could watch this show much later on!  Of course, nowadays, you can just get this show on DVD, but I have fond memories of just recording this on a good old-fashioned VHS tape!

Disney Renaissance

Now everybody remembers the Disney Renaissance era, right? Well, this era pretty much defined most of my childhood and made me into the huge Disney fan that I am today!  There were so many awesome movies that came out during this era, which included “The Lion King,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Mulan,” “Tarzan” and of course, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame!”

Children’s Circle

Does anyone remember this set of videos?  It was an animated series that adapted popular children’s books and made them into animated shorts.  They were mostly available at the libraries, so if you’ve been to the libraries a lot when you were little, then you probably have heard of this series.  Some of my favorite cartoons that were featured in this series were “The Bear and the Fly,” “The Five Chinese Brothers,” “Really Rosie,” “John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat” and “Rosie’s Walk!”

Rabbit Ears Productions

And of course, I saved the best for last: “Rabbit Ears Productions!”  Now, this was a truly obscure company and like “Children’s Circle,” if you have been to the library a lot when you were little, then chances are, you have heard of this series.  This is one of my all-time favorite animated series since they used popular celebrities at the time to narrate the stories and they all did a fantastic job with the narrations!  Some of my favorite stories in this series were “The Fool and the Flying Ship,” narrated by Robin Williams, “John Henry,” narrated by Denzel Washington, “Pecos Bill,” narrated by Robin Williams and “How the Rhinoceros got his Skin and How the Camel got his Hump,” narrated by Jack Nicholson!

So, those are the 13 things that I remembered from my childhood!  What things do you remember from your childhood? Please feel free to comment down below!

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Rabbitearsblog Posted on Aug 18, 2019 at 04:27 AM

Aaahhh... Steve Blum... He was the best Tom ever!

Rabbitearsblog Posted on Aug 18, 2019 at 04:26 AM

I agree that nostalgia can be a really good thing! I always love looking back at the things that I grew up with and how they affected me as an adult!

OldSchool80s Posted on Aug 16, 2019 at 11:49 AM

I love nostalgia, too. Some of these same things apply to my childhood in the late-70s into the 80s. It is amazing how some of these things can bring back such strong memories or how a certain smell or sound can trigger those feelings. Fun stuff.

Benjanime Posted on Aug 15, 2019 at 09:31 PM

man, i remember being such an avid nickelodeon viewer back in the day that the disney afternoon just flew right past me. i still watched their cartoons but i had no recollection of that block whatsoever. dbz was probably toonami's biggest hit on their block for a while until they really got off the ground in the 2000s with a ton of more anime. i'm a little upset that the toonami brand has been reduced to a late night schedule, but as long as i'm still hearing steve blum as tom, i'm somewhat happy :)

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