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Ten games that should have been on the Sega Genesis Mini

As many of you already know, I owned a Sega Genesis years before I got to own a Super Nintendo, and with the Sega Genesis Mini having some missing titles, I figured I'd do a follow up to my SNES Classic Edition article as I run through some of my personal choice titles that should have also been included.


Revenge of Shinobi (1989)

Although Shinobi III was already a fine inclusion of the Genesis Mini, I always preferred the more casual pace of Revenge of Shinobi. Not only do you get that old school Sega novelty gameplay, there's a neat gameplay score as well. Unfortunately there were licensing issues as some early copies of the game once had Spider-Man and Batman bosses, but over time had to be edited out for later copies.


Phantasy Star II (1989)

I'm aware that not everyone would want to return to this game given how dated it is compared to the fourth installment, but you'd still be missing out on some Sega RPG history here, and it was also one of the earliest games to have a scripted character death. This follow up to Sega's Master System RPG is still worth playing today.


Wonder Boy in Monster World (1991)

Combining RPG-like elements with an action platformer, Wonder Boy in Monster World has you playing as hero Shion as you'll be doing a bit of dungeon crawling and defeating monsters along the way while scoring money that they drop, then paying off the spoils with some newly acquired equipment like armor and shields for future dungeons with stronger enemies. Its simplistic gameplay should be a good pick for more casual gamers out there.


Splatterhouse 2 (1992)

Splatterhouse 2 has the same, familiar creepy action from its original arcade predecessor and the atmosphere is no different either. You'll be taking on a variety of monsters, creeps and lab creatures waiting to pounce on you as you set out to find Jennifer yet again. If you're into the old "Nintendo Hard" types of games, this should be right up your alley.


Rocket Knight Adventures (1993)

Don't let its cutesy character designs fool you, Konami gave this game the similar punishing difficulty of Castlevania. If you're up for a game that ramps up in challenge as you progress, look no further than Rocket Knight Adventures. From fighting a mechanical spider in a burning castle to thwarting an evil pig commander in space, you'll be on the edge of your seat.


Aladdin (1993)

I could never really say which version of Aladdin is better comparing the Genesis and SNES versions, however I find myself coming back to the Genesis version more because of the visuals. Earthworm Jim programmer Dave Perry worked on this game with the support of some Disney animators to help bring the characters in the game to life, and I grew up with this version as well. It's likely not on the Mini due to licensing issues, but it's still a fun game to this day.


Toejam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron (1993)

Panic on Funkotron didn't quite get the same reception as its 1991 predecessor, but its emphasis on a more cartoony graphics style in a 2D platformer still makes it a unique experience. Rather than collecting parts for your ship, you're out collecting Earthlings in tiny jars that have escaped onto different planets, and the two player addition makes it all the more fun.


Crusader of Centy (1994)

The Sega Genesis didn't have many topdown view action/adventure games, and even though some would label Crusader of Centy as a blatant Legend of Zelda clone it has its own gameplay elements that differ from the series, such as having two companions with you to help defeat enemies, and flinging a sword in the air to show you the layout of where you can go on a map. It's an underrated gem and definitely worth looking into from the Genesis library.


Sonic 3 & Knuckles (1994)

It's uncertain why Sonic 3 & Knuckles wasn't included in the Genesis Mini, some speculate that it had to do with Michael Jackson's involvement with the music early in development, others think it has to do with the possibility of epilepsy when Sonic transforms into Hyper Sonic. Details aside, Sonic 3 was the most visually impressive Sonic title on the system and with a newly added save system, you could play at a Zone you left off at from a previous playthrough.


Ristar (1995)

It's actually baffling that Ristar didn't make it on the Mini, usually with a compilation that Sega releases this is an easy pick for them, but I suppose Dynamite Headdy being inclusion is a worthy substitute. Anyway, Ristar was one of Sega's last game releases late in the Genesis lifespan and the graphics along with the soundtrack really set an example for it given how long the system lasted. Each three stages has you on a different planet with their own aesthetic in atmosphere and gameplay element and its a quirky, challenging game from start to finish.


Did you agree with my choices in games to have been featured with the Sega Genesis Mini? Leave a comment and as always, see you next article!

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