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Nightmares from my childhood

Through countless days of my youth, nightmares were few and far between as many readers here may relate. Those eight to ten hours of sleep could either bring wonderful and adventurous experiences, or traumatizing terror.


Winged Terror at the mall

One of the first nightmares I ever experienced was walking around in a shopping mall with this flying demon following me around at every step. My parents were behind me as I kept walking deeper and deeper into the building in a straight line. The demon didn't show any kind of hostility or harm as it just flew by once in a while.


The knight, the mummy and the Frankenstein monster

It's hard to say if this one counted as a nightmare at all, but when I was still a toddler I once had this dream where I was laying on my bed with these three living creatures staring me down. The knight even had a face behind the helmet, as well as having glowing eyes. I'm not sure what exactly triggered the dream either, maybe from a cartoon I was watching at the time?


The giant abandoned warehouse

In this dream I wasn't alone, having my older brother and a cousin following me as we made our way through corridors full of dirty antique items. Making our way to one room we had to make a turn to progress to another corridor, and lying in wait was a giant marionette puppet making us jump in fright belting out a loud "WHO'S THERE?!" then scurrying off into the dark corners of the warehouse and awaiting us in another room.


Alien egg harvest

My older brother once had a hobby of buying merchandise based on space creatures, and I suppose this dream branched off of that experience. This dream had me in the setting of my very own bedroom, and upon opening the closet door I was in for a surprise seeing this huge canister of alien eggs floating inside of a green, bubbly liquid that was glowing. My parents were in the dream as well, and I tried my best to hide the canister from them. Attempting to drop it outside from my bedroom window, it shattered and rope-like tentacles began coming out of the eggs as they ran off into the streets.


A row of falling teeth

Dentist appointments were the worst during my childhood, and to have a nightmare based around it was an even darker experience. In a dark room resembling the dentist waiting hall, the area was completely empty except for a dentist glaring at me in the distance, telling me to grab a toothbrush from a counter and proceeding to a small room to brush my teeth. No tooth paste tube was around, so I attempted to brush without it, only for each tooth to slowly fall out of my mouth one by one. The dentist being right behind me and displeased, scolded me and took each of my teeth for himself as I left the hallway and into another room with filthy looking teeth scattered all across the floor.


What are some nightmares you experienced as a kid? As always, leave a comment and hope you have a Happy Halloween!

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Lazlo Knight Posted on Oct 29, 2020 at 01:31 PM

When I was a kid I had a dream I was Superman but I had to fight the blob and my hands would always do no damage to the blob as I tried to punch it. I’d wake up screaming and punching. It was a reoccurring one too. A cousin of mine suggested I try to freeze the blob with my breath (since I was Superman in the nightmare). I tried this the next time and shattered the blob. Never had the nightmare again.

Vaporman87 Posted on Oct 07, 2020 at 05:11 AM

I’ve had a good many nightmares, but ones that I can actually remember to this day I could probably count on one hand.

One such nightmare involved a lone bathtub in a yard outside a house. Around it sat my mom and other women her age. Their feet dangled in the tub water. In the water was a shark. I kept trying to keep the shark from eating their feet.

In another nightmare, the oceans had turned acidic, and I was in a building with my dad trying to stay safe from an incoming tidal wave. My dad walked by a doorway as the wave struck and he was melted in front of me by it.

Awful stuff.

Benjanime Posted on Oct 07, 2020 at 12:40 AM


and i love you, my sweet dream ❤

Julie Posted on Oct 07, 2020 at 12:37 AM

Those nightmares go very well with this Halloween season, my sweetheart. The nightmare with the demon in the shopping mall has to do with the stepfather and something you could have seen frightening somewhere in the shopping mall. The nightmare with the characters has to do with cartoons and video games, and worrying at home. The abandoned warehouse is about worrying at home and your brother that agrees with you. The alien eggs have to do with your brother's collection and movies or cartoons. The nightmare with teeth has to do with appointments to the dentist and that stepfather, and the concern that this brings. I'm sorry for the bad experiences. You are the sweetest and most loving boy I have ever met in my life. Love you so much. ❤

onipar Posted on Oct 06, 2020 at 03:03 PM

Another great one, and I love the illustrations. One of my recurring nightmares as a child had to do with being left a a strange house as my parents drove away over a bridge.

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