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Ranking Thanksgiving foods from childhood

With the month of November coming to a close, there was always the day of the family gathering to look forward to, being around relatives you probably haven't seen in weeks, or months, depending on where they live all while having a hearty meal as the highlight. But as a kid I was picky about certain foods that were served, my parents usually urged me to eat some of the foods that were nutritious, but didn't look all that appetizing to me as I looked over to the more delicious foods served. So what did I think of them all during those days?


The A tier list

The Roasted Turkey

As we all know, the main piece of Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey itself, cooked to a delight and having either the dark or light meat to choose to eat, no matter which I chose, it was easy to scarf it all down.


The ham

A close second to the turkey, the juicy, tempting flavor of the ham was an easy grab from the table to eat, and at the time I would usually have two to three slices on my plate, because it was just that good.


Corn/Sweet corn

Of all of the vegetables served, corn was a personal favorite, and if I was wary of them falling off of my plate, I would stick them to the mashed potatoes like glue, making for a double delicacy but creamed corn was a rarity for us though.



I don't know what it was about stuffing that made it seem so good, but I always grabbed some whenever it was made. Just like the corn I ate, I felt it tasted great with the mashed potatoes, with or without the gravy.


The B tier list

Mashed potatoes

The regular flavored mashed potatoes were an alright touch for having on the plate, but add gravy or corn to it, and it tastes great! It's certainly not a favorite, but it was far from being bad in my opinion.



Cornbread was sometimes a mixed bag for me, it was like a feeling where you have to be in the right mood to like something, and on my good days, I really liked it. Nowadays though, I can eat it just fine.


Sliced carrots

I've heard some of my relatives say before that they prefer sliced carrots with their mashed potatoes, but honestly I always just ate them seperately as they're good enough on their own.


The C tier list

Green Beans

For some reason different families I went to for Thanksgiving had their own types of green beans cooked, they were either the kind boiled in clean water, or boiled in a soup, my preference was the kind without being a soup.


Cranberry sauce

I could never really grasp having cranberry sauce as an edible choice, I enjoyed cranberry juice as a beverage any day, but the sauce just felt weird to me, I guess it was just one of those personal taste habits of a child.


Deviled eggs

I never exactly liked these back then, but I took them over some of the D tier list foods that I'm about to mention. I just had no idea back then that mustard was an ingredient for it, I was never really a fan of mustard on anything, but I ate it.


The D tier list


There's a handful of vegetables that I'm fine with stomaching, but squash was like the bane of existence to me when comparing them. I could picture myself making one of those grossed out faces that Calvin makes from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips whenever I took a bite.


Sweet potatoes

As much as I enjoyed regular potatoes, mashed or unmashed, sweet potatoes were a no-go for me, not just from how they tasted, but from how they looked on the plate most of the time. Family members would usually just throw them on there and they would look like dog vomit to me, immediately putting that image in my head.


Brussels sprouts

My older brother had the imagination of saying that these looked like alien eggs, and it led me to stop eating them for a few years. They tasted alright, but after what my brother had compared them to, it left an odd feeling in my stomach.


What about the pies?

When it comes to dessert, you can't go wrong with pies on Thanksgiving, but I only ever had three, pecan, chocolate with whipped cream, and pumpkin. To make it short, chocolate was the best, pumpkin was alright, and pecan taking third.


What were your favorite and least favorite meals on Thanksgiving? Leave a comment and as always, see you next article!

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twcfan92 Posted on Nov 21, 2020 at 12:19 AM

My mom's typical Thanksgiving dinner consisted of: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes (with marshmallows on top), cranberries from a can, green bean casserole, some kind of rolls, and pumpkin pie. And I liked all of it (even the cranberries). No tiers for me.

Benjanime Posted on Nov 16, 2020 at 09:57 PM

@ Vapor
haha i would understand personal tastes for certain foods lol, i'm still a little picky these days

@ Mr Magic
that sounds great!


i'll look forward to the amazing meal from you, for us, my love ❤

Julie Posted on Nov 16, 2020 at 09:51 PM

I stick with the A and B tier lists only. And we can have macaroni and cheese and chocolate pie too. :D

Mr Magic Posted on Nov 16, 2020 at 03:34 PM

I could eat this article up lol

For me, it's:

Mashed potatoes
Mac and cheese
Sweet potatoes
sweet tea

Vaporman87 Posted on Nov 16, 2020 at 03:26 PM

Okay so for me, I would move stuffing way down to the D tier, LOL. Never really cared for it. I would move the sweet potatoes up in their place (caramelized with brown sugar, the way mom made them).

Next, I would take cranberry sauce off the list entirely. Blech!!! Carrots too. And probably squash. In their place, I would put butter noodles, rolls, and some kind of casserole.

Yeah. That would hit the spot just right!

Great idea for a Thanksgiving article Ben! Thanks for this. It was fun.

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