This is all four issues of the mini-series Marvels from Marvel Comics that came out in 1994.  The story is about photographer Phil Sheldon as he chronicles the Marvel Universe from the beginning of the silver age thru 1974.  Its a look at all the wonder and amazement of the Marvel universe through the eyes of a normal person.  

Issue 1 features the beginning of the Silver Age and it's original heroes, Human Torch and The SubMariner.
Issue 2 features the rise of mutants
Issue 3 looks at the day Galactus came to Earth and the Fantastic Four had to run him off
Issue 4 looks at the day Gwen Stacy died.
Issue 0 features a 12 page story on the Human Torch and is also filled with stand alone art from Alex Ross

The books themselves are in really good shape for reader copies.  I received these new in 1995 and have had them ever since.  They have each been read probably about 10 times.

Price includes shipping anywhere in the US.