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450ArticleOldSchool80sFun post. Made me laugh a couple times and I could relate with a couple of the mischievous deeds as well. Thanks for sharing. Feb 26, 2013View
451ArticleAceNThaHoleI wish I could have thought to start a business like that in school!MINOR TROUBLEFeb 26, 2013View
463ArticleBenjanimewhoops, looks like i goofed on the claymates description. ah well... guess this article is getting a rough startObscure Gaming Legacy Volume 3Mar 03, 2013View
464ArticleVaporman87I like the inclusion of Out Of This World. That was such a great platformer. And the fact that there was no dialogue actually seemed to make it more interesting and not less. I wish this would get remade using today's technology.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 3Mar 03, 2013View
465ArticleVaporman87Also, great read Ben! Thanks for this.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 3Mar 03, 2013View
466ArticleBenjanimeout of this world isn't a favorite of mine, but it's still unique, gameplay-wise. did you ever play the unofficial sequel, heart of the alien? i had it, but i really wasn't fond of the ending... also glad you like my article :)Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 3Mar 03, 2013View
468ArticleraptorLots of Disney in this volume. I dont think any title with Disney associated with can really be "obscure". Even so I liked the selection in this one, and the quick and concise reviews are very fun to read.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 3Mar 03, 2013View
469ArticleVaporman87This was an enjoyable look back at some 80's innovation on McDonald's part. And hey, two out of three survived the critical public masses, so that's not bad. I know I occasionally enjoy a McRib when they are being sold at my local McDonalds, but I am less of a McNugget fan than I used to be thanks to the media storm surrounding the "pink" stuff that is used. Yuck. Still, McDonalds is so ingrained within our culture that I don't see it ever going away. No amount of negative exposure can do it in. Thanks for this great read OldShcool80s!McDonald's 80's New Menu Items Mar 03, 2013View
470ArticleBenjanime@raptor i put them on the list because i believe only a few people at the most had heard about the game gear titles. all of the friends i hung out with had the gameboy, and i assume that the gameboy got a lot more attention anyway, so just like the sega saturn, it's full of obscure titles, many which i haven't playedObscure Gaming Legacy Volume 3Mar 04, 2013View
471ArticleProphetSwordI remember the McDLT pretty well. I was a teenager working at McDonalds in that era, and I both made and ate them. They were awesome. One sandwich not mentioned here (that I really wish McDonalds would bring back) is the Cheddar Melt, which came out in 1988. I remember being the guy who was selected to teach everyone else about how to make them.McDonald's 80's New Menu Items Mar 04, 2013View