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1990 - The Year Santa Died


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29VideoVaporman87I like the reworked version of this intro song that they are currently using for the new TMNT series on Nick. It's a nice homage to the original. The show isn't half bad either. Dec 10, 2012View
30VideoMr MagicI remember this one.Trees are TerrificDec 11, 2012View
31VideoVaporman87This is one reason why I believe Burton's Batman was the first real super-commercialized film in America. Yeah, Star Wars was big too. But man, Batman was just EVERYWHERE at the time.Batman Diet Coke CommercialDec 11, 2012View
32ArticleVaporman87This is definitely something my younger brother would have fell in love with (especially since there was a dating aspect to the character development). I routinely ridiculed him for preferring to spend so much time on games with so little to offer graphically. It didn't dissuade him though, since he still does. :) Nice review Benjanime! Thousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
33ArticleBenjanime@vaporman87 haha, my parents tried to sulk me away from video games once i got into the playstation generation. when i first played final fantasy VII my parents thought that my social life would be over!Thousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
34ArticleVaporman87Were they right?Thousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
35ArticleBenjanimein a sense, yes. i took envy in getting almost everything in the game, but after getting around to say, late on the second disc, i decided to start putting my game time to a limit of one to two hours a day. it was mandatory anyway since my playstation began turning into a heater after about four hours of useThousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
36VideoVaporman87I can't say I do. Though I do recall seeing a couple other Arbor Day ads in the same vein.Trees are TerrificDec 11, 2012View
37VideoVaporman87I remember this one vividly, right down to Scrooge's demeanor and voice inflection. A classic Holiday ad.Honey Nut Cheerios commercial with Ebenezer ScroogeDec 11, 2012View
38VideoVaporman87400 locations... in Canada... in 1971? That just seems impossible. Kentucky Fried Chicken - 1971Dec 11, 2012View