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5606ArticleBenjanimemmm, being that this is the first article from you i'll give this a fair rating, although to critique i should mention that your articles should have a bit more depth to them, more length, and especially more than just one paragraph when talking about something. the writing is definitely there, but to gain a good following you need to focus on these steps. you have some good examples here, but a few more in the listing would have given it some more flair. and if you can't come up with that many, just describe them with more length. Feb 25, 2022View
5605ArticleMaxineshame this is US only, it feels outside of US is devoid any fun conventions RetroCon 2017 ReportFeb 12, 2022View
5604ArticleBenjanime@Julie and i thank you for looking out for me, my precious love of my life ❤Top four disappointing moments of childhoodFeb 09, 2022View
5603ArticleJulieI'm so sorry you had those bad experiences before, my sweet love @Benjanime. :'( Well, I have more bad experiences after the childhood than before it honestly, but of course I had some countless ones before as well, like being bullied, betrayal, false friends and other worse things. You deserve a far better fate, my beloved @Benjanime. I do love you!❤❤Top four disappointing moments of childhoodFeb 09, 2022View
5602ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic not at all. @Vaporman oh geez that sucks, that kinda reminds me of when the stone protectors toys got discontinuedTop four disappointing moments of childhoodFeb 09, 2022View
5601ArticleMr MagicWasn't Floam a copycat of Squand?Top four disappointing moments of childhoodFeb 08, 2022View
5600ArticleMr MagicWWE used their classic logo a number of times. Mostly when they were doing old-school-themed shows.'s Old is New Again:Retro Branding ComebacksFeb 08, 2022View
5599ArticleVaporman87I think there are levels of disappointment that could be discussed here, but I'm going to stick to the less personal ones... more focused on product and school life than life at home and relationships. I was very disappointed when Masters of the Universe abruptly went belly up in '87. They had some pretty cool things planned that would have been awesome to see on shelves, even though I was growing out of collecting them around that time. I was disappointed that a school levy that would have created a brand new high school that would have been ready by the time my age group arrived there did not pass.Top four disappointing moments of childhoodFeb 08, 2022View
5598ArticleVaporman87Agreed. Though I think it is one thing to use old branding in advertisements and such. It is something else entirely to incorporate those old aesthetics into the business model and see it extend to physical items and locations. THAT is what I'm waiting for.What's Old is New Again:Retro Branding ComebacksFeb 08, 2022View
5597ArticleThatDudeChrono Trigger is absolutely one of my favorite games of all time. IMHO it sits securely in the top 5 greatest RPGs of all time. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with this article too btw. Why Chrono Trigger mattersFeb 04, 2022View