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5514ArticleBenjanimeeven with abc family's dopey modern namechange i still think it was a good idea to have it start earlier. granted i don't really watch TV all that much anymore in general, but i will say that if i grow tired of seeing repeats that i'll just put in one of the movies i own instead. Oct 03, 2021View
5515ArticleBenjanimei actually didn't catch much of this show on TV airings, but i did watch various VHS tapes from my school classroom around 1996-1997, in total i think we all watched at least three of them throughout the school year, and it was the only time we saw them. i highly doubt we'll ever get a show like this ever again for a modern generation, though i don't count the netflix follow up.Edutainment Station: The Magic School BusOct 03, 2021View
5516ArticleMr MagicSounds like you had a bad day, but it ended up being a good one later on.The Mystery of the Second NeighborhoodOct 04, 2021View
5517ArticleVaporman87This is an awesome selection of nostalgic specials free for the viewing. Thanks for the links to each!Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 15, 2021View
5518ArticleBenjanimeanyone else find it a bit odd that the garfield halloween special doesn't even air anymore? chairlie brown needs to be shoved aside for once lol.Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 15, 2021View
5519ArticleVaporman87@Ben: Honestly it has to be the second most beloved animated Halloween Special for most people. Though I think Mad Monster Party is pretty high up there, as well as the Will Vinton special.Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 15, 2021View
5520ArticleSockofFleagullsCandy cigarettes nowadays, worst list. Back in the day, best list. Especially the bubble gum ones that blew a puff of powder.Top 5 Best and Worst things to get in...Oct 15, 2021View
5521ArticleSockofFleagullsAnother one you can add to this list is Fat Albert's Halloween Special. I watch it every year and there is finally a quality video uploaded to YouTube.Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 15, 2021View
5522ArticleMr MagicBetter watch 'em quick before some heartless butt monkey decides to take them down.Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 15, 2021View
5523ArticleoniparLove the title to this one. Sorry it was spurred by a bad day, but the exploration sounded fun. Yeah, back in Brooklyn my brother and I would go exploring all the time. The older we got, the farther we went. When I hit Junior High in 7th grade, we were given public bus passes, which opened up a whole new world too. The Mystery of the Second NeighborhoodOct 16, 2021View