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62VideoVaporman87Ahhh... so the good stuff then. :) Dec 14, 2012View
61VideoVaporman87I was a bit of a fan of the show. Woody always cracked me up. Coach too.Cheers introDec 14, 2012View
60VideoVaporman87I see lot's of shows in there that I was a big fan of... most notably Ren Nickelodeon 1994 Year in ReviewDec 14, 2012View
59VideoVaporman87Party like it's the 90's!!! Just seems so much more appealing a party than a Party like it's the 2010's. Nickelodeon Hollywood SetDec 14, 2012View
58VideoMr MagicI like that one. Nickelodeon Hollywood SetDec 14, 2012View
57VideoMr MagicWhat a year that was for Nickelodeon.Nickelodeon 1994 Year in ReviewDec 14, 2012View
56VideoblueluigiI remember this one.Charm Blow PopsDec 14, 2012View
55VideoCaps 2.0B-movies...The type of horror and sci-fi flicks that would be played horror hosts like Ghoulardi or Elvira.TNTs 100 Percent Weird Dec 13, 2012View
54VideoMr MagicThe jingle definitely sounds familiar. Big Red commercialDec 13, 2012View
53VideoMr MagicIt felt like something I saw from the late 90's. Oh, well.Popeye Quaker Instant Oatmeal CommercialDec 13, 2012View