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5695ArticleMr MagicI honestly don't remember that much about it. But I thought it was okay for what it was. Nov 13, 2022View
5694ArticleVaporman87That Simpsons set is incredible. What a variety!Fast Food Halloween: Burger King Halloween ToysOct 14, 2022View
5693ArticleVaporman87That feeling of disinterest happens eventually, but I can confidently tell you it returns to you if you have children. Maybe not in the same way, but there is a rush of excitement over trick-or-treating nonetheless.Spooky Time: Halloween MemoriesOct 14, 2022View
5692ArticleBenjanime@Julie and i love you, my honeybunches ❤️Ferngully - A Cult Classic RememberedOct 09, 2022View
5691ArticleBenjanime@Julie i'm glad it was still am enjoyable read fir you, my love ❤️ i love you too!Quest 64 - The Worst 3D RPG I Ever PlayedOct 09, 2022View
5690ArticleJulieI agree with you, my beloved @Benjanime❤❤, The movie is a masterpiece, I love the plot and the technical imagery aspect. And of course, the well-knows actors dubbing this gem. And I wouldn't mind having the sequel in DVD. ;) Thanks for the passionate, cute article, my sweet love @Benjanime.❤❤ I love you!❤❤Ferngully - A Cult Classic RememberedOct 08, 2022View
5689ArticleJulieI didn't play the game, even after the emulation fad. But now that I know about the horrid leveling up system, just ONE POINT increased for each battle, I got uninterested. The graphics look interesting but the gameplay would irritate me. Thanks for the advice, my sweet @Benjanime. ❤❤ I love you so much! ❤❤Quest 64 - The Worst 3D RPG I Ever PlayedOct 08, 2022View
5688ArticleMr MagicMaximum Carnage was undoubtedly their best game. I remember the Terminator 2 game, their WWF games, the surfing game, and that Friday the 13th game. When I was a kid, I never really thought of how bad their games were. I was just a little guy, enjoying Nintendo.The History of LJNSep 21, 2022View
5687ArticleBenjanimeto be fair, at least their toys were worth it. i just can't say the same for their video games with how cheap they felt. friday the 13th used to scare me, now it just bores the heck out of me with that ridiculous map layout. jaws was, okay, but not a game i'd sit through either. i think the last LJN related game i ever played was maximum carnage on the SNES, for some reason i could never get past that wall crawling level.The History of LJNSep 21, 2022View
5686ArticleMr MagicDefinitely sounds inviting. I tried the Virtual Boy at a Blockbuster kiosk one time. I was playing some kind of tennis game. I don't think I've used Virtual Boy after that. The Sad Fate of the Virtual BoySep 05, 2022View