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5711VideoBenjanimeAs memorable as this movie can be to some with all its gore, I do hate how there was a scene made to look like animal cruelty, even if it wasn't real. May 07, 2023View
5710ArticleBenjanimeumm... i actually remember family dog quite well. even the bargain bin super nintendo game. as for the PJs, it's been on the tubi app for quite a long time.Rarely Remembered Animated ShowsMar 15, 2023View
5709Articleechidna64Big Guy and RustyRarely Remembered Animated ShowsMar 15, 2023View
5708ArticleandyvgrYeah getting older our interests change, it's just a part of life, however we grow into the other side of things, sometime as the person above said you'll either have children to take trick or treating or you'll be like the grandparents and hand the candy out. it's the way it's supposed to be.Spooky Time: Halloween MemoriesMar 15, 2023View
5707ArticleMr Magic@Ben: They give him a much bigger smile.Izzy the Failed Olympics MascotFeb 21, 2023View
5706ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic It's unfortunate that he'll never make a comeback in some way, but then I'm sure he'd get some absurd redesign if he did. @Game Joy Yeah big brother, I'll alwawys enjoy things how I see them :) even if it's a guilty pleasure! Thanks for the comment!Izzy the Failed Olympics MascotFeb 21, 2023View
5705ArticleGame JoyAs I always do in life, to this day, I choose to not focus on haters: they're the worst beings, screwing this world up. That said, of course I enjoyed Izzy and the hype, and the video game came out with really good graphics as I can remember. Izzy looks cute and have a good heart, that's what counts to me most, so yeah, I remember enjoying the character then AND now. ❤️ Thanks for one more charismatic, memorable and at least to me, moving article. You're a special boy and I'll forever be proud of you as my brother. May the Lord bless you always. Izzy the Failed Olympics MascotFeb 20, 2023View
5704ArticleMr MagicI see I'm not the only one who remembers Izzy. I do remember the cartoon short.Izzy the Failed Olympics MascotFeb 20, 2023View
5703ArticleBenjanimeupdate: earthworm jim 4 has reportedly been cancelled.The rise, fall, and resurgence of Earthworm JimFeb 10, 2023View
5702ArticleBenjanimeit's unfortunate that eek! the cat just faded away into obscurity. apparently after the saban company bought out the property they didn't give a crap about it and wanted it gone so their own shows could get more attention. there hasn't even been any talks of a dvd release after all these years.5 Fox Kids shows I want to see on Disney PlusJan 21, 2023View