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599Videoarizvega:) I LOVE IT!... Apr 30, 2013View
526Videoarizvega:) I LOVe IT!....Super Mario Land commercialMar 26, 2013View
502Videoarizvega:) I love them still...Super Mario Bros. 3 commercialMar 21, 2013View
2232Articlemassreality:) Now thats a good way to start a morning. Mannequin - An Unappreciated ClassicApr 28, 2015View
1190ArticleHoju Koolander'95 was a huge year for my musical tastes as well, I can sing at least one line from each of the songs you listed and consider most of them to be essential for an Ultimate 90's playlist. The Power Rangers movie was a major even for me, but yeah, the movie continuity not mixing with the TV series kind of blew it for me. But I did like that song, "Trouble" from the soundtrack and Ivan Ooze was pretty hilarious.The Summer of 1995Sep 02, 2014View
1332ArticleHoju Koolander"...character AT Disneyland" Although a physical representation of the entire park would be a pretty awesome costume.A Haunting ExperienceSep 25, 2014View
1684ArticleVaporman87" tired of always gettin' tha raw deal... somethin' finally must've snapped in his brain"My list of Holiday songsDec 17, 2014View
4880Articlejkatz"a cheap and exploitative rag that showed obscene favor to DC and Marvel, while also overlooking the indie comics scene." I'd buy Wizards occasionally and I have to agree this is kinda true...they got a little better about it in later years, though.Five Best Wizard Magazine freebiesMar 06, 2019View
2419ArticleHoju Koolander"Adventures in Lady-Kissing", Vaporman? Maybe if this crew had more of those they wouldn't have felt the need to put themselves in such dangerous situations.The Real GooniesJul 24, 2015View
392VideoMr Magic"Alright ramblers, let's get ramblin'."Reservoir DogsFeb 20, 2013View