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72VideoVaporman87"And all the world will be your enemy... prince with a thousand enemies... and when they catch you, they will kill you. But first... they must catch you." Dec 17, 2012View
78VideoVaporman87"And at the end, let's just throw up some images of random crap..." said the janitor pretending to be the video director.Men Without Hats - Safety DanceDec 18, 2012View
3033VideoMr Magic"Captain CaveMAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!!" "And Son." LOLCaptain Caveman IntroOct 27, 2015View
2241VideoVaporman87"Caught my first tube this morning, sir." Wow... what a stretch this role was for Keanu. LOLPoint BreakMay 07, 2015View
140VideoVaporman87"Find the way noble challenger. Find the way of the WARRior!" Ugh! Just awful.Way of the Warrior - 3DOJan 14, 2013View
1191ArticleHoju Koolander"Heck, until recently I thought MOTU was a specialty line of toys for juvenile amputees", LOL, classic. Oh the moment of toy buying embarrassment, I know it all too well. Just replace Batman figure with Shannon Doherty from 90210 Barbie doll (totally a for real incident) and you've got my moment of shame. Oh no, I shouldn't have shared that, is your Dad going to have me deported? ;)Masters of the Toybox Sep 02, 2014View
4316VideoMichelangelo"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of gum." I guess this is where Duke Nukem 3D got this line from. :PThey Live TV SpotsMar 21, 2018View
3937ArticleHoju Koolander"I learned it from watching you" and the McGruff Don't Use Drugs song were my go to PSA messages. In my Summer School Health class around 1998 we watched a tape full of the Snake Drug Dealer style messages featuring everyone from Pee-Wee Herman to Gene Simmons of KISS and we were just cracking up the whole time. I recently uploaded a bunch of PSA commercials from my personal VHS collection here if anybody wants a laugh 1980s Public Service Announcements: of PDFA, and other PSA’s Jun 09, 2017View
2753VideoMr Magic"I love it when a plan comes together."A-Team IntroOct 02, 2015View
3414Articlemunkysrench"I was neglected by my older siblings" --- I resent that! Lol. I do remember when it was out for a while and you had started collecting/trading cards that first year. I wasn't sure if you were actually playing the card game, or just collecting them just to have them. Actually, I still don't know. I know we didn't bond much as kids, with what different likes we had, but I still loved you bud. I'm glad you lived with me for those 5 years, because we had bonded so much. Another great read, allowing me to stroll down another one of many memories in our home.20 years of Pok'emon: Looking back to the franchise as an adultMar 04, 2016View