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4452ArticlejkatzWow! Those are some great photos. I liked reading about the Wagon Train events as well. It must have been fun to spend summers with the same group of people each year. Jun 17, 2018View
4696ArticleVaporman87Wow! Very nicely done on the eagle-eye spotting of super sweet '80s toy goodness. I would love to have pretty much anything you spotted here. I have to commend the kid on his fascination with Bravestarr and MOTU. A true Filmation fanatic he must be. All that was missing was some Ghostbusters stuff - the original ones that is.80s Toy Movie Treasure Hunt: Mac and MeDec 03, 2018View
920ArticleVaporman87Wow! Where to begin? So much of what you have gone into here I can relate to. For starters, I can't agree with you enough regarding commercials during the Parade. Good grief, does there really need to be THAT many breaks in the action? I suppose if you had recorded it previously (as you mentioned), you could simply fast forward through the commercials... but it shouldn't have to be that way. Putting up the tree as a kid was not something we really did much as a family. Now that I have my own little family, we DO make it an occasion (especially the choosing of the tree and the star that will adorn the top). An what Christmas would be complete without the right television specials and films? When you're a child, it doesn't really matter what you're told or how you're taught... you are GOING to remain solely focused on presents. How can you not? So a kid can hardly be liable for not desiring to attend a church service in the midst of such excitement. And I say that as a Christian myself. Thankfully, the actual time for opening presents (and playing with them) and attending service rarely conflicted for me. Finally, I share your affinity for snow. During the beginning of this month, we were in Florida. It was so strange to see all the Christmas lights and hubbub in such a warm climate. I felt like something was missing. Then, in the Magic Kingdom, there are places and times when "fake" snow (consisting of clumped up bubbles) fall from the sky. I felt sad for those there that have never actually seen the real deal. That fake snow made me long for home and the real thing. Great first article SF! Thanks so much for sharing!A White ChristmasDec 18, 2013View
1731ArticleVaporman87Wow! With the popularity of "Elf on the Shelf" these days, I would think Phroomf would be ready for a comeback. The ad campaign could tout it's roots in the heyday of Christmas lore creation, and it's pre-dating of Elf on the Shelf by decades. Personally, my wife and I began a tradition a few years ago where 3 stuffed elves (one per kid) starts doing ornery things at night. Last night, the elves brought in a case of Funko TMNT figures and Funko Disney figures and tried to open a few of them before the kids found them doing so. It was cute. Forgotten Christmas: PhroomfDec 23, 2014View
3395ArticlemassrealityWow. Great first article. Welcome to Retro Daze! I'm totally jealous. That store sounds like it was amazing! I spent alot of time in sports card stores and comic shops as a kid, so I know the thrill of finding a magical place that just gets you. Sadly, nowadays there arent many places that you can goto in person and feel that way. Luckily places like Retro Daze exist for the social aspect and eBay for the material part.Blast to the Past!Feb 28, 2016View
3491ArticleVaporman87Wow. I had heard of Ryan Leaf a few times, but did not know he was such a complete and utter failure. LOL. That's just pathetic. I do hope he manages to scrape together some kind of halfway decent existence, but it certainly does look like he needs to do a lot of work on himself before that can happen. Great piece Rick.Washed Up Celebrities: Ryan LeafMar 28, 2016View
488VideoblueluigiWow. I knew Konami made the NES game, but I never knew about the arcade title. Given the little demand of Bucky O Hare nowadays, we probably won't see this released on any of the home consoles.Bucky O' Hare ArcadeMar 19, 2013View
2883ArticleVaporman87Wow. I might have to have my wife use some of these trick to get my kids to eat... well, anything really besides junk. What a creative Nana you had! This was a great subject too... one of those that hasn't gotten any article love yet. Great choice for an article. Ghoulish EatsOct 13, 2015View
3266ArticlemassrealityWow. I never heard of the Showbeam before, but I did have the Ghostbusters Ghost Zapper! I totally forgot about that till halfway through the article. I was happy to see you mention it. The View-Master ShowBeamJan 10, 2016View
2354ArticleVaporman87Wow. I've never heard of these actors or these movies, but to discover how popular they were even into the 90's boggles my mind. They're like the David Hasselhoffs of Italy! I've watched a few movies out of Italy, but they were mostly dreadfully awful sci-fi schlock starring Antonio Sabato (not Jr., but his dad). I didn't even know why they were called "Spaghetti Westerns" until just now. Is that sad? LOLThey Called Him TrinityJul 06, 2015View