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2624ArticleVaporman87Yeah, that sucks. I have many VHS recordings from days past, most of them home movies but some recordings of things like Saturday Night Live, NBA games, and the like. Sep 09, 2015View
2641ArticleVaporman87Yeah, that was the difficulty of being a fan of shows not yet in syndication. I do think that some channels would show multiple episodes of the show from past seasons. Like maybe the earlier seasons were entered into syndication, while the first run shows airing. Still, the Brady's were great. Like you said, the saccharine nature of the show made you feel good inside, even when they were having issues. Kind of like the shows from the 50's and early 60's, everyone happy with their roles in life, never anything too stressful going on. People are always friendly, if not a bit nosy. Mayberryesque, if you will. Growing Up BradySep 13, 2015View
1099ArticleDoctorRyanYeah, that's what got me burned out on a lot of everything. Overexposure. Saturday mornings to me were almost as holy as Sundays are to Christians. ThatDudeintheHoodie looks at Disney's One Saturday MorningMay 24, 2014View
2675VideoVaporman87Yeah, that's what I thought. Very surreal. Crack is WhackSep 20, 2015View
1221ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, the "prequel" show, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" had a teacher as the protagonist and the kids as side characters. I guess the producers figured Mark-Paul Gosselar had more charisma than Hayley "Parent Trap" Mills and they were right!Dazed By The BellSep 10, 2014View
1490ArticleVaporman87Yeah, The Brain was the best there ever has been at playing the part of annoying heel manager. So good. And then when he started commentating on the matches his dialogue got even better. I miss those days.When Wrestling RockedNov 04, 2014View
4194ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, the only non-sports cards to be found now are gaming based or wrestling themed, unless you count the Panini sticker packs and albums being offered at Dollar Tree stores. I love looking at the movie cards because sometimes those stills are from deleted scenes that never made it to the finished film.Trading Card TreasuresNov 06, 2017View
2367ArticleoniparYeah, the wait was killer. Probably partly why I entered so many things. I won quite a few contests back in the day. I won a Wolverine figure through the Fox Kid's Club, and a grand prize from Nickelodeon. I actually still have those prizes too. Perhaps the topic of a future article? :-)Retro-graphic Evidence: Xardion Lives!Jul 08, 2015View
4509ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, we squeezed every drop of fun out of the very short time frame we had to hang out in, as you'll see in parts 2 and 3.Rad Retro Weekend Part 1Aug 07, 2018View
2135vhsCoverVaporman87Yeah. Godzilla. That went nowhere fast. GodzillaMar 22, 2015View