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2137ArticlemassrealityYou are certainly welcome. I hope I can nudge a few people into giving the show a shot. Mar 23, 2015View
2146ArticlemassrealityYou are most certainly welcome! Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you enjoyed it.Rec Center Memories - Moment of GloryMar 25, 2015View
2424ArticleVaporman87You are not alone. I too delved into the mysterious art of Ninjit... I mean, Karate. I'm pretty certain my foray into it was even shorter than yours. I may have taken two or three classes and called it quits. It was just... so... boring. I think the clincher was that I tried very hard to perform the moves correctly, but found myself having my fist raised like, a half an inch higher by instructors. Seriously? You really think that's necessary? Will an opponent allow me make such adjustments? "Oh sorry, I punched you just a smidgen too low. Hang on and I'll give it another go." Yeah, I was done. My oldest son, on the other hand, has outlasted me by a great deal. He has progressed to his yellow belt, and is on the verge of moving up to orange. I don't think he really gets much enjoyment out of it though. I don't think it IS an enjoyable thing for youngsters. It's more of a means to feel a bit more confidence and learn some discipline. I'm considering some other alternative for him that I know he might enjoy, like Cub Scouts. I spent a few years in Cub Scouts, progressing all the way to Webelos before dropping out. I think he might (possibly) find that to be more enjoyable, but I'm not sure.The Karate Class KidJul 28, 2015View
4855ArticleNLoganYou are too right! No 80s arcade worth its salt didn't have one and I distinctly remember the Body Blow, and Knock Him Out if I close my eyes I can hear it.Punch-Out!! Arcade game introduced in 1984Feb 20, 2019View
4443ArticleVaporman87You came away with your life, so that is a plus. LOL. Yes, it had quite the reputation for sure. But it should be a tale worth telling just for the novelty of having experienced it. A So So Day at Action ParkJun 16, 2018View
978ArticleVaporman87You can definitely tell some of these V-day card images are taken straight out of Jim Lee's work with the X-Men. Great stuff! These would have fit right in with my choices for Valentine's Day card exchanges in school. Anything to do with super heroes and such (as I mentioned in the first part of this series). One thing I would have really enjoyed was if there were some Godzilla related Valentine's Day cards. In fact... I'm going to go look that up right now. :) Thanks again Miss M!!!For the Love of V-Day! Part 2Feb 07, 2014View
1336ArticlepikachuloverYou can only go so many times before you get bored of it. I lived by the Toys R Us when I was young from ages 2-8. Actually when relatives come to visit we would entrain them by taking them on a trip to the Toys R Us. My cousins used to buy board games and visit my house. Play the game at my house, and then return the game and complained it was "boring". That location closed in the mid 90s. It got replaced by the Montebello store by the mall. Timewarp: Toys R Us 1987Sep 26, 2014View
2502ArticleDobesovYou can still re-live the magic of the arcade through your floor! Mall ArcadeAug 11, 2015View
2157Article90schickYou did more than I ever could...I would have fallen flat on my rear end before even starting the first lap and probably wouldn't even finish it!Rec Center Memories - Moment of GloryMar 26, 2015View
4383ArticlepikachuloverYou didn't jump on the Shaq bandwagon when he went to the LA Lakers in 1996?Retro Magazine RoundUp: Sports Illustrated 1994May 09, 2018View