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4133ArticleHoju KoolanderYour process for creating Sun Man trading cards was genius. I totally remember those glittery Power Ranger borders. Sep 15, 2017View
4149ArticleHoju KoolanderYour re-enactment of playing Mouse Trap is 100% accurate. I bought it based on the commercial and it fell flat. They have revised it since then and the version I bought for my son actually works in it's simplified form. Very fun.Five 90’s Toys That Never Lived Up to the HypeSep 24, 2017View
1353ArticleVaporman87Your right. The wrap around style is sweet. Not something you saw an awful lot of back in the day. The Lost Art of VHS BoxesOct 01, 2014View
2394Articlecomic_book_fanyour talk of not depriving yourself of fun despite what others might think is great i found out at an early age thats the way to be. it reminds me of a couple of years ago i was at my college waiting for my next class so while everyone else were killing time on there tablets or phones i busted out a sega gamegear and played sonic i got some looks but it was fun and it served it's purpose.Retro-graphic Evidence: Video Games are Cool!Jul 14, 2015View
1611ArticleNLoganYour Transformer pajamas are of Thundercracker a Decepticon jet. Item N from this catalog page. <img style="width: 465px; height: 656px;" src=""> <img src=""> Holi-Daze: Toys UnwrappedDec 11, 2014View
1653ArticleVaporman87Your visits to your uncle's house remind me of my visits to my grandparent's house during Christmas. There were always some of my cousins there that I rarely saw or knew, and it was never really a comfortable place to be with all those people there that seemed to know me, but me really not knowing them. Awesome article v... as usual!vkimo's Christmas SpecialDec 16, 2014View
5444ArticleBenjanimeyu-gi-oh was kind of a mixed bag for me. maybe it was because i was in the era of the pok'emon card game getting pulled from being allowed in schools and i just lost interest in playing card games altogether, but i tried getting into that game when it was still fresh on the air waves and it's honestly just not for me. that and i got out of collecting cards in general at that time as well, i was getting more into video games at the time.The MAGICAL YEAR that was 2004...Jun 22, 2021View
3098ArticlejkatzYup, Swiss Family Robinson and 20,000 Leagues are great examples of light hearted adventure...they don't make movies like that anymore. Top 10 Classic Live Action Disney MoviesNov 10, 2015View
613ArticleVaporman87Yup. I've seen it a few times. I never thought it was as bad as people made it out to be, but it certainly left a lot to be desired. And the "re-imagining" of the characters left a bitter taste in my mouth. After having read some interviews with the director, I felt less critical of the movie. He had so little to work with, and made the best product he could given the circumstances, budget, and studio red tape.New Eyes on He-Man and She-RaMay 06, 2013View
5492ArticleMr MagicZoot Cat was a good one. Funny and jazzy. The Christmas one was also funny and charming.My 10 favorite Tom and Jerry shortsSep 09, 2021View