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2786Articleonipar(Video also features decapitation!) :-p Thanks, Tony. Oct 06, 2015View
5464Articleonipar@ Ben, Thanks! It's funny because it sounds like you and your brother had a similar age gap as me and mine. In 1994 I was 14, and Mike would have been 11. I vaguely remembering him enjoying the game, but maybe being a little impatient with it. The Things We've LostAug 07, 2021View
1496Articlepikachulover@ Hoju You're from Newport right? My dad grew up in the Valley as an adolescent and he surfed and skated. In the 1960s and 70s. I grew up in the valley too; the San Gabriel Valley. :P I never skated, but it had a stronghold on my high school in the late 90s early 2000s. I think I've been on a skateboard like 4 times in my life. I was more proficient on in-line skates and 4 wheeler skates. The skaters used to think I was a poser because I loved skater music, but I didn't skate. I also really liked skater fashion. Wallet chains, wide legged pants(which I still wear today), crop tops for girls, and of course skate shoes. It was funny in high school there was a surfer teacher from Long Beach and he used to say "Dude" a lot. We would make fun of him for talking like that. Skate or DieNov 08, 2014View
5346ArticleBenjanime@ Mr Magic ooh nice! @ Julie yeah, it's unfortunate that with newer toys we got, they had to get replaced to save space :( even the closet i had was becoming buried with them and i had no shelves to put them on at the time. thanks for reading my love ^^Favorite childhood toys growing upNov 16, 2020View
5348ArticleBenjanime@ Vapor haha i would understand personal tastes for certain foods lol, i'm still a little picky these days @ Mr Magic that sounds great! @Julie i'll look forward to the amazing meal from you, for us, my love ❤Ranking Thanksgiving foods from childhoodNov 16, 2020View
4583ArticleBenjanime@Adam Video Media: Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000Oct 02, 2018View
789ArticleVaporman87@Ajimbo: Hopefully it's being well maintained and unused. Otherwise, that's just awful. :0A Look at SNICKSep 10, 2013View
2203ArticleHoju Koolander@AnEarly90sMan I appreciate your confirmation of Turtle-Mania's official start date ;) Maybe in CA we got things going before the rest of the nation. Regarding your Technodrome correction, you are right that it came out in 1989, I meant that quote to read as more of a schoolyard rumor. But as soon as that thing hit shelves, you better believe that Brent was all over it.Turtles: The Teenage Mutant KindApr 04, 2015View
1695Articlepikachulover@Barry I wanted to mix it up a bit with some more obscure songs, and novelty songs. My list of Holiday songsDec 18, 2014View
1752ArticleHoju Koolander@BarryBgb Glad you had good memories at TRU. I got to work there for one holiday season and tried to keep that same sense of wonder as I was stocking the shelves and helping kids find their favorite toys.Timewarp: Toys R Us 1987Jan 02, 2015View