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1521ArticleHoju KoolanderYour point about The Thing is great. He really is a grounded character and despite being seemingly grumpy, he really brings a lot of levity to dire circumstances with this wit. I ended up being anti-popular characters when I really started collecting comics in the 90s. I always went for the B-Teamers like Darkhawk and The Ray or Resurrection Man (maybe they're more C-List, actually). I mean I had some Spider-Man stuff (Mostly 2099 and Ben Reilly in "Sensational"), but usually I wanted "What If...?" stories or Elseworlds tales. The status quo was always boring to me, I wanted the stuff they took chances on.  Nov 19, 2014View
3657ArticleSupermanYour father most definitely sounds like a great man. This was a nice read.1986: The Year That Santa Became RealJan 03, 2017View
1669ArticleVaporman87Your experiences with your extended family, especially your cousins, it touching. My own experiences with my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents... they weren't like yours. I had very little in common with my cousins on either side. On my Dad's side, either they were never around and I barely knew them, which made me uncomfortable around them, or I knew them and... just didn't like them much. :) On my Mom's side, almost all of my cousins fit into one of three categories: Jocks/Army Guys, Delinquents, and Girls. I fit in with exactly none of these three categories, and therefore did not fit in at all. I made no attempt to try either. No, my enjoyment of Christmas came with just immediate family, and friends. And, it's still that way today (though with a marriage and 3 kids - and one more on the way - our family has grown and so has our group of friends). Great story Miss M. Thanks for sharing.How Mario Saved Christmas... and Other Super Nintendo TalesDec 16, 2014View
1711ArticlevkimoYour double dog dare post is gone, but I accept the challenge none the less.I have one one old picture on my phone that I can find for now. Circa 1992, I'm sporting a 49ers shirt and playing Super Mario on the NES. Notice Batman and Penguin duking it out Rock 'em Sock 'em style. <img src="http://oi61.tinypic.com/m8k75y.jpg")</img>vkimo's Christmas SpecialDec 19, 2014View
5541ArticleJulieYour cute passion, childlike wonder, yeah, there's no way to not like your charismatic and, why not, lovely articles, my @Benjanime.❤❤ Of course I enjoyed those Taz-Mania cartoons, but when the Sega Genesis cartridge were to be released, I got crazy to have a copy as the graphics looked detailed and accurately reproducing the cartoon and its magic. And what a hype! Taz was a popstar in the 90's.❤ The video game is amazing and I'm glad I could finish it at least one time. I do love your articles, full of childlike wonder. Priceless.❤❤Being a Taz Fan in the 1990sNov 11, 2021View
1660ArticleHoju KoolanderYour Christmas tale definitely makes me wish we had an extended family we could visit, but my wife and I are both "stranded in the desert" far away from home. I loved the excitement of family reunions growing up and seeing all the distant relatives I never knew existed. @NLogan That is a pretty great lesson your Dad taught you guys. Your epic story makes me realize I should have involved my Dad when my Star Wars toys got stolen by a neighbor kid and his brother. My Mom just didn't have that intimidation factor.vkimo's Christmas SpecialDec 16, 2014View
4081ArticleNLoganYour ambition for Pooter knew no bounds writing letters like crazy. I never wrote to a company, I only sent in my proofs of purchase for cereal box mail-a-way offers.Oh Pooter!Aug 26, 2017View
213ArticleVaporman87You've refreshed my memory with that mention of Cyborg Justice! My brother and I had a fairly enjoyable time customizing our bots in that game. I wish there had been a wider variety of customizations, but for what it was it managed to entertain us for hours. That "footbrawl" game looks like something that was developed by the people behind Rampage and Arch Rivals. A great read, thanks for for this!Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 2Jan 26, 2013View
1879ArticleVaporman87You've really hit a groove now fuschnikt. Great read! This had to have been a great birthday part. Dino Riders were really cool toys. It was a toy line that I always wished I had more of. My brother actually had several, and we would play with them extensively when the mood struck us. Boglins were another property I had none of. But my friend's Boglin made it's way into at least one of our homemade movies. LOL. I have no doubt that our investigative members can find out what some of those other goodies are. Surprise Party! : 1987Feb 03, 2015View
2478ArticleVaporman87You've really brought back to mind all the wonderful things we miss about an arcade in the 80's and 90's in great and loving detail. It's funny how, in a time before the internet and worldwide connectivity, your experience in one arcade will be the same in so many ways in another hundreds of miles away. Like the routine of plopping down your quarter for "next". Such things transcended distance and social environment differences. And, each felt like it's own little "club". As though there was a camaraderie that was implied any time you crossed the threshold onto that gaudy carpeted floor. Many places that house arcades now are simply dens of rip-offery. Insert a dollar to play a game that is rigged to prevent you from winning that Nintendo DS calling out to you from behind the glass. In Gatlinburg, Tennessee I saw a glimmer of hope. An arcade with a machine that combined the greatness of the past with the redemption craze of today. A giant Pac Man game that played like the classic, but was recrafted to make the goal winning as many tickets as you could. The more points, the more tickets. If they could do this with several hundred more classic titles, an whole new arcade concept could be invented. But so far that is the only title I've seen to incorporate that idea. The Mall ArcadeAug 07, 2015View