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1822ArticlepikachuloverYou're lucky you had nice time. Mine was traumatizing. The strange thing was there were a lot of kids in my class who failed kindergarten and were there for another year so they knew what to do. I was just a rookie.  Jan 23, 2015View
4482ArticleSupermanYou're like me in that neither of us ever had a Disney vacation growing up, but it sounds like you, again like me, had a lot of fun anyways with the things you did get to do. This was an enjoyable read.Theme Parks: Adventures in New EnglandJun 20, 2018View
5074ArticleBenjanimeYou're good, it's an otherwise great article :)Sega Genesis Games I OwnedOct 27, 2019View
5683ArticleJulieYou're fine, my sweet @Benjanime. ❤❤ What takes my attention most is enemies not getting hurt by stage hazards. Rare is the game where it doesn't happen, to this day. Blind jumps do still exist, and the newest game where you'll face that is Pac-Man World Re-Pac. Cheating opponents A.I.? Only after playing SNK Neo-Geo AES fighting games on the real hardware it's when I really, really knew what it's all about. The difficulty is insane, completely cheating! Even playing on the easiest difficulty mode, different on playing on emulators. You know, emulators never accurately reproduce the opponents A.I. from real consoles, it's always a very different experience. Great article as always, my sweet love. ❤❤Gaming Pet PeevesSep 02, 2022View
1900ArticlevkimoYou're definitely right about social sites putting a blow in things. RJ was your primary source for old commercials, but then Youtube came along and you can watch anything. I think dedicated niche sites always have that problem with bigger sites having similar content mixed with everything else. It's still no excuse for the downgrading quality of the site though. Remembering RetroJunkFeb 08, 2015View
3897ArticleFlixtheCatJrYou're all very kind. Thanks so much. I have more on the way!1997: My Year of ChangeMay 20, 2017View
5045ArticleBenjanimeyou'd think that a robocop shampoo was enough bizarre advertising, but then you discover the robocop fried chicken commercial from japan and then it's less weird.RoboCrap: The Weirdest RoboCop MerchandiseSep 25, 2019View
3452ArticleVaporman87You would think that with today's technology, one could not be fooled by a prank call (at least not by the number and ID you see). But you would be wrong. Technology has also provided NEW ways to fool people on the phone. Take, for example, PrankDial. At PrankDial, one can type in ANY phone number they choose to be the "calling from" number, select a pre-recorded prank message set, and then listen to the response after it is recorded and saved to the site. The pre-recorded message actually responds (or doesn't respond) based on replies from the person being called. So if no response if given, the message may say "Are you still there?" "Hellooo???" But if responses are given, then the message follows it's normal pattern, and it usually results in hilarious responses.Old School Phones: Mystery CallersMar 16, 2016View
2087ArticleVaporman87You would think that if a student was actively begging to be in one of the other groups, that those in charge would see that said student was deserving of more than just being lumped in with the slackers, trouble makers, etc. in the chorus. Apparently not though.Apathetic ChorusMar 17, 2015View
3172ArticleNLoganYou weren't the only kid special enough, I am allergic to peanuts and always made the same trade Mr. Goodbars for Special Darks. Now my kids give them to me because they don't like dark chocolate.Expl-ho-ho-ho-sionDec 10, 2015View