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3814Articlepikachulover@Jeff1980 I love Garfield.  Apr 01, 2017View
2161ArticleVaporman87@JBS: Windows '95 was the best version ever. You got your computer at just the right time. The Summer of 1995Mar 26, 2015View
3290ArticleMissM@HojuKoolander I have a very eclectic taste in collecting. It's both a blessing and a curse. lol The Playskool People are so perfect for capturing the look of the times! That is such a great feel about it. I love that. R Rated toy lines are such a fascination, because I don't know that it would ever happen again like that. There was something really special about that time for toys. Now the R Rated stuff is just marketed for collectors. I'm really glad I was young during that toy collecting time. My dad was only mildly interested in collecting. He wanted to find the stuff that I was looking for, and he'd play with me for a little bit, but then he'd lose interest. lol It's an interesting thing. For example when Nintendo came out, he got one for us all to play. My mom and him actually played Mario, Duck Hunt, and Jaws for awhile, but once they got bored with it they never played a video game again. It's just interesting. I can't think of ever giving up playing a video game in some capacity. lol Anyways, hope all is going well!Miss M's Top 10 Retro Toys of 2015!Jan 22, 2016View're right, I was quite the dreamer. Those are just the ones that I really wanted and aksed for on many occasions. There were so many more things I wanted as well. Maybe I'll have to revisit the topic and go through some more "wants" that I never got.Yesterdays: Things I DIDN'T Have As A KidJul 11, 2015View
3446Articlemickyarber@hoju....I had several different sets of screens for the etch a sketch. Not just Dukes. Those things really ramped up the fun of etch a sketch.Random Dukes of Hazzard MerchandiseMar 15, 2016View
2086ArticleVaporman87@Hoju: The answer appears to be no: "...there was no previous encounters with The Dinosaur Kid before that day, and there hasn't been one since."The Dinosaur KidMar 17, 2015View
1733ArticleVaporman87@Hoju: That I have to see. Promise to post pictures if this happens. LOLRetro RoomsDec 23, 2014View
1403ArticleBenjanime@Hoju: sort of, but they changed a few of the stories around... i never did get to reading the book version, but my library used to have it. the tv special is extremely rare from my knowledge, and i've never seen it air on television before. @Vaporman87: good luck, your best bet is to either get it via torrent or dvd, because it's not available on any streaming sites. Glad you got a good read out of it :) @ThatDudeintheHoodie: interesting, i've been thinking about picking that up, but as far as the cartridge size for 3ds games go, i'd hope that i won't lose it around the house. @NLogan: i used to live in an old mobile home trailer from 1991 to 1997, and very rarely would i see one of those nasty buggers just chilling out on the kitchen or bathroom floors. i'd literally wait until the place was disposed of them before i ate a meal, just looking at them was disgusting to me.Benjanime Scared Stupid IIIOct 08, 2014View
2236ArticleVaporman87@Hoju: Raimi? That would be very cool. I'd love to see what he could do with the character.Kenner Action Toy Guide '94May 01, 2015View
4215Articlejkatz@Hoju: Of course I did, how could I not? As cool as it is, I don't really have a need for it, since I don't have a VCR anymore and I was never going to bust open the packaging anyway. You want it?SUNDAY Morning CartoonsNov 29, 2017View