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3577Articlevkimo@echidna Grape Escape is so sadistic looking back now haha. That's funny you mention Aliens, my brother had this weird thing where all he could write was "Aliens" he would scribble it everywhere. I always thought it was impressive since he was like 4 years old and could spell it correctly haha Dec 14, 2016View
2960ArticleNLogan@DirtyD79 the Winchester Mystery House has been on my bucket list for a while being interested both in the western history aspect of the firearm as well as ghosts, one day I'll make it. Cool you have a picture with Sarah Winchester! or old lady tourist or ruffled curtains. I think the pareidolia aspect is pretty cool how our genetics make us recognize shapes that appear like faces as both a nurturing thing as babies as well as a self preservation thing against predators or competitors hidden in the background or lurking in the bushes since the earliest times. The best example I can give is little kids looking at clouds and imagining shapes. In these cases those shapes are recognized by our visual cortex as faces and because they shouldn't be there obviously that means they have to be ghosts or divine figures on toast or trees, right? <img src="http://www.ourcuriousworld.com/Art Page_files/pareidolia_jesus.jpg"> What do you see in this late 19th century photo? A couple with a child in the middle wearing a cloche hat or bonnet, or the face of a divine figure in the middle?Searching for a Real Haunted HouseOct 16, 2015View
3342ArticleHoju Koolander@DirtyD79 That car mechanic role play sounds awesome, I never would have come up with that as a kid.Bunk BedsFeb 10, 2016View
3324Articlemassreality@demonpuppet87 - We think it was just old age. He was very old and was getting slow. He was an indoor dog, who loved being outdoors. We're not quite sure why he'd crawl under the house, unless it was just to escape the sun for a while. My Final HalloweenFeb 09, 2016View
5220ArticleVaporman87@Daddymus Prime: That's hilarious! I used to put my Information Society album in there. LOLRemembering Teddy RuxpinJul 03, 2020View
802ArticleVaporman87@crow: You were the Penguin? That seems like a strange character choice (I've never encountered anyone dressed as The Penguin that I know of). But then again, I kind of like it that way. I wouldn't have liked wearing the same thing everyone else was.Benjanime's Halloween RetrospectiveOct 01, 2013View
791ArticleVaporman87@crow: Like a lot of things that die. Perhaps one day it will be revived in the same way that many things have been of late. One can hope.A Look at SNICKSep 10, 2013View
3455Articlemickyarber@Crow I too think the excitement has died down. But I wonder sometimes if it just seems that way because we are grown up now. My youngest daughter is a fan, and she is really excited about Wrestlemania coming up. Reminds me of me at that age. But as for me, I could take it or leave it these days.My Favorite WrestleMania Matches of All TimeMar 16, 2016View
3466Articlemickyarber@crow I loved the build up to that one. The whole "she was mine before she was yours" story line was great. @massreality I too really enjoyed the lead up to 14, and the show itself. That was a fun time to be a fan.My Favorite WrestleMania Matches of All TimeMar 18, 2016View
1502ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan: That seems like a fair deal your Mom struck with you on that one. I had a similar situation regarding Married...With Children, my Mom was always saying, "Are you watching that Bundy again? If you start acting like that, it's going off." When Wrestling RockedNov 12, 2014View