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802ArticleVaporman87@crow: You were the Penguin? That seems like a strange character choice (I've never encountered anyone dressed as The Penguin that I know of). But then again, I kind of like it that way. I wouldn't have liked wearing the same thing everyone else was. Oct 01, 2013View
791ArticleVaporman87@crow: Like a lot of things that die. Perhaps one day it will be revived in the same way that many things have been of late. One can hope.A Look at SNICKSep 10, 2013View
3455Articlemickyarber@Crow I too think the excitement has died down. But I wonder sometimes if it just seems that way because we are grown up now. My youngest daughter is a fan, and she is really excited about Wrestlemania coming up. Reminds me of me at that age. But as for me, I could take it or leave it these days.My Favorite WrestleMania Matches of All TimeMar 16, 2016View
3466Articlemickyarber@crow I loved the build up to that one. The whole "she was mine before she was yours" story line was great. @massreality I too really enjoyed the lead up to 14, and the show itself. That was a fun time to be a fan.My Favorite WrestleMania Matches of All TimeMar 18, 2016View
1502ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan: That seems like a fair deal your Mom struck with you on that one. I had a similar situation regarding Married...With Children, my Mom was always saying, "Are you watching that Bundy again? If you start acting like that, it's going off." When Wrestling RockedNov 12, 2014View
2021ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan Yeah, it takes kids a while to understand the power of our words. For a short time I was jokingly telling people "I'll kill your family", then my buddy started saying it and almost got pummeled by a big guy who didn't get the joke. So "kill" was quickly dropped from our comedic repertoire. @AnEarly90sMan Glad you could relate, dude. Maybe you can share some of your memories with us in an article soon. After writing about it I showed some ProStars to my sports-obsessed son and he loved it. @vkimo Quite the metaphor there, you scholar you.SleepoversFeb 18, 2015View
1386Articlepikachulover@comic_book_fan That's too bad about your pneumonia. :(The Summer of 1995Oct 06, 2014View
1749ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan That's a pretty devoted brother, you have there. VHS tape transfer sounds like quite a procedure. I thought those X-Men video had the coolest cover design with that matte black finish and just the red in the image behind the X.Pizza Hut PromotionsJan 02, 2015View
2671ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan Shady action figure business deals and trades deserve their own thread in the forums, I think. Glad to know your buddy "fessed-up" and that you returned the stolen Joes. Sounds like you were a trustworthy duo. @massreality So basically you were a member of the A-Team? Wrongly accused of a crime you did not commit. As a former fat kid I feel that girl's pain, but she should have just let it go and drowned her sorrows in another package of Dunkaroos like the rest of us. @Vaporman87 So what prompted the name change of your group and where was the best place to hide inside without getting caught?The Principal's OfficeSep 19, 2015View
1766ArticleVaporman87@cbf: I think I would have tried to work out a deal where you "re-exchanged" the gifts after the passage of a little time. LOL. Of course, you would want to hide those gifts from your moms. Unless you just said "Hey... he said I could borrow it." Birthday Or BUST!Jan 07, 2015View