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3214Articlevkimo"say hello to uncles reeking of alcohol wanting to know when you are going to be big enough to take them on" What is it about that? My uncle's wife's brother was a total jerk. He was a short squat drunk who was calling me a wimp. I was about 14 at the time and was debating if I could push him off the roof patio we were all leaning on.  Dec 13, 2015View
345Videoblueluigi"Pop, do you realize it's more dangerous driving on the freeway than it is on an airplane?" Said no one after 9/11.Sanford and Son - SuperflyerFeb 17, 2013View
5397ArticleMr Magic"oh nice! i have the nintendo power player's guide :)" Sweet! If it weren't for the strategy guide, I don't think I would've gotten through the tricky ice cave.Remembering Pok'emon Gold and SilverFeb 23, 2021View
4651Articlejkatz"In summation, decades treat everyone differently, and in my opinion, no one should catch heat for speaking positively about whichever era they like." That's a good way of putting it, Caps.The 2000s decade wasn't that badOct 31, 2018View
5043ArticleMr Magic"In 1988 movie audiences were introduced to The Future of Law Enforcement, RoboCop." Actually, it was 1987, my good man.RoboCrap: The Weirdest RoboCop MerchandiseSep 20, 2019View
1459ArticleNLogan"If you can handle a little gore" Man your definition of a little gore and my definition are totally different. The reanimator was seriously disturbing. The guy takes his still living severed head and thrusts it between the legs of the screaming naked girl strapped to the table. Creepshow 2 is my favorite of your list. None of the above mentioned get me in the Halloween mood as I lament the death of the gothic horror and classic scares of yesterday, in exchange for the blood and gore slashers of today. Mad monster party is very dated because of the music but is fun. All the monsters from all around are invited and the claymation is cool, but I prefer the Christmas one from the same rankin and bass company. Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween Movie PicksOct 20, 2014View
3414Articlemunkysrench"I was neglected by my older siblings" --- I resent that! Lol. I do remember when it was out for a while and you had started collecting/trading cards that first year. I wasn't sure if you were actually playing the card game, or just collecting them just to have them. Actually, I still don't know. I know we didn't bond much as kids, with what different likes we had, but I still loved you bud. I'm glad you lived with me for those 5 years, because we had bonded so much. Another great read, allowing me to stroll down another one of many memories in our home.20 years of Pok'emon: Looking back to the franchise as an adultMar 04, 2016View
2753VideoMr Magic"I love it when a plan comes together."A-Team IntroOct 02, 2015View
3937ArticleHoju Koolander"I learned it from watching you" and the McGruff Don't Use Drugs song were my go to PSA messages. In my Summer School Health class around 1998 we watched a tape full of the Snake Drug Dealer style messages featuring everyone from Pee-Wee Herman to Gene Simmons of KISS and we were just cracking up the whole time. I recently uploaded a bunch of PSA commercials from my personal VHS collection here if anybody wants a laugh 1980s Public Service Announcements: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG99Q5yS9Q6ymQSCBDhdqe1H0BPBWZrLrMemories of PDFA, and other PSA’s Jun 09, 2017View
4316VideoMichelangelo"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of gum." I guess this is where Duke Nukem 3D got this line from. :PThey Live TV SpotsMar 21, 2018View