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1259ArticleVaporman87You mention a mall and some place called Donatelli's near Century College, and say we probably know where that is. LOL. Can't say I do. :) Sep 16, 2014View
4954ArticleNLoganYou may have one of the only picture of a squeeze its package with the characters on it. I searched high and low and could not find one for my lunchroom article back in the day. I also had the pink panther stuffed animal.Temple of Retro ToysJun 07, 2019View
5701ArticleGame JoyYou listed the top notch 2000's games for the PlayStation! Blockbuster franchises like Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Duke Nukem, Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, all of them unforgettable and truly amazing! And that Driver 2 was great as well, superior than the predecessor. Thanks for sharing your charisma and good taste for games, my brother @Benjanime.Celebrating the Millennium with PlayStationJan 14, 2023View
2686ArticleVaporman87You left me hanging! LOL. What went terribly, terribly wrong the final time? Ahhh, to be innocent and naive once more. Believing that everything is as simple as it appears to be. Hulk never mentioned the amount of time and effort required. Nor the fact that the "equipment" provided was far from adequate. So obviously the problem was something with YOU! LOL. Which leaves mom and dad to be the bad guys and explain reality. So not only did they buy the product with hard earned money, they then had to break the news that it was bogus. What a deal!Hulkamaniacs Sep 21, 2015View
2644ArticleVaporman87You know, when I first read this I thought, "C'mon... seriously?" Then I remembered that I once had an irrational fear of Bert and Ernie. But the thing was, it was only at night... in bed. During the day, I could watch them on Sesame Street and not give it a second thought. But at night they bothered me for whatever reason. If I would think about them, I would have a hard time getting to sleep. Then I would, occasionally, see one or both of them in my dreams, and though they weren't physically assaulting me or threatening me, I wanted away from them. So weird!!!Muppet MayhemSep 14, 2015View
311VideoMr MagicYou know, there's a lot of dogs who aren't cut out to be hunting dogs, and there's a chance this fella might be one of 'em.Bugs Bunny: The Heckling HareFeb 12, 2013View
2050ArticleVaporman87You know, one has to wonder... was Paul acting out because he knew the show was ending, and he figured he needed to break away from his alter ego in order to get a different range of parts? I thought he did really well in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie, not the atrocious television series). Cool fun facts Hoju. Thanks for sharing a few from the book.Pee-wee Herman Fun FactsFeb 25, 2015View
3840ArticleVaporman87You know, maybe I'm wrong and remember things incorrectly, but it seems like that even though nowadays comic book heroes are the cat's meow for everyone on Earth, the amount of promotional material using their likenesses is actually not as prevalent. Am I wrong?Spider-Man Food Ads of the 90'sApr 23, 2017View
5275ArticleoniparYou know, it's funny, I didn't get to go to McDonald's much as a kid, and yet even I have at one time or another owned the Halloween pails and toys. They really are a pervasive part of the holiday for so many people. Retro Halloween: Mcdonald's Halloween ToysSep 22, 2020View
3723ArticleMr MagicYou know, it was unfair that Owen Hart never won the Royal Rumble. He's won like every title except the World Title.8 Great Wrestlers Who Never Won The Royal RumbleFeb 06, 2017View