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5565ArticlesquidbeeI live in an area that saw an explosion of malls during the 80s and 90s. Recent years have seen many of them closing down, being bought out, or demolished. My mall was one that was bought out, and from what I hear, it is still not doing very well. I last visited prior to the buy-out, and there were cellphone repair kiosks and cheap clothing stores everywhere. The anchor stores were either all gone or in the process of running a clearance sale. Dec 07, 2021View
5566ArticleVaporman87That sucks. I hate seeing/hearing about the state of most malls these days. There are a few bright spots here and there... actually most malls I've visited in West Virginia are doing well (Barboursville/Huntington Mall, Parkersburg Mall, Beckley area mall). The mall I'm most familiar with from my youth (Parkersburg) recently added a whole new section for Ross, Petland, and some other anchor-type stores.Skating Through The YearsDec 07, 2021View
5567ArticleVaporman87Malls truly do go all out to give you that holiday spirit... because that equates to dollars! Still, it makes for some nice memories.My introduction to holidays at the mallDec 10, 2021View
5568ArticleJulieThe first Christmas decoration in a mall I remember seeing was when I was eight: after the classroom, I went to the mall everyday alone (it was a time when human trafficking didn't exist). So I could marvel everyday at those wonderful decorations, and going to all the toy stores to look at every toy I dreamed to have. I did that for the whole year; it was unforgettably magical to me. You look so cutie on the photo, my sweetheart @Benjanime!❤❤ Happy Holidays!My introduction to holidays at the mallDec 10, 2021View
5569ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman yeah, it's crazy to know that even when you're young, you still develop that wanting of buying whatever you see lol @Julie i would have loved going there every day i could ^^ thank you for reading, my sweet muffin ❤ happy holidays!My introduction to holidays at the mallDec 10, 2021View
5570ArticleRetroOtaku620I actually have the complete series on DVD. Wish I had the Halloween special on videotape, though.Edutainment Station: The Magic School BusDec 14, 2021View
5571ArticleMr MagicMalls always seem to be the "In" place at Christmas. Not just due to the sales, but because of the festive decorations. They're so appealing My introduction to holidays at the mallDec 18, 2021View
5572ArticleBeatles_ToyboxThanks for sharing! Growing up in rural Oregon, one of the few things for us to do on Friday nights (maybe it was Saturday) was go to the small Catholic church for skate night. They had ancient roller-skates that they would rent to us and a big chunk of the community would fill the place as we would skate in a circle around the small basketball court. I broke my arm there in fourth grade, but it didn't stop me from lacing up the skates for a school reward trip to Skate Palace in Salem. Looking back on it, roller skating was huge for me as a kid. Unfortunately I never mastered any cool skating tricks but had fun anyway. Most skate places around here are now closed and the church hasn't had skate night for a very long time.Skating Through The YearsDec 21, 2021View
5573ArticleBenjanimeof those three scooby doo specials in the 1980s, reluctant werewolf just kinda put me to sleep and i don't know why, maybe the other two were more interesting to me and had better pacing to the plot along with more memorable characters. ghoul school was definitely a neat concept and i still see some fans on deviant art drawing the girls. maybe i'll rewatch it sometime.5 Times Scooby-Doo Met Real MonstersJan 05, 2022View
5574ArticleVaporman87I've never been a fan of Super Smash Brothers. The concept is great on paper. But the execution is just dreadful. There is too much on screen action. I lose track of where I am half the time, and things happen so fast that you can't really create any kind of strategy. All you do is just mash buttons and hope you get more hits than the opponent. I'd much prefer a standard fighting game where I can concentrate on my moves and strategy.Super Smash Bros. Melee: Star Studded SequelJan 05, 2022View