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5575ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman you have to admit though, at least it tried to be different from the usual fighting games. having items, stages and characters all based on nintendo history all in one game and not using the usual set up of "defeat the enemy until they're dead" but rather "keep the enemy at bay with your best moves". it may not be everybody's cup of tea, but it's still very much unique. and it's not about button mashing either, if you watch actual live tournaments of the games you'll see players dodging and maneuvering from attacks with agility, and that's how the real pros play ;) Jan 06, 2022View
5576ArticleJulieA so charismatic point of view and text that enchants me every time.❤ I didn't have the cartridge back then but now we can enjoy this wonderful series, so fun and dynamic, and full of whim.❤ Thank you for introducing me to this series, my sweet @Benjanime.❤ I love you forever and without you, I would be lost.❤❤Super Smash Bros. Melee: Star Studded SequelJan 06, 2022View
5577ArticleBenjanime@Julie i can't wait to play them all with you, on both console AND emulators, my everything ;) i love you so much! ❤Super Smash Bros. Melee: Star Studded SequelJan 06, 2022View
5578ArticleOldSchool80sThis is so awesome, Adam! Such great memories. I have been doing just 1 picture at a time the last 2 years over on TRN, but this is cool seeing a bunch over several years. I always love nostalgia, but I love Christmas nostalgia probably the best. By the way, I am a little older than you, but I believe I received that same Mr. T figure that year (and I still have it). Thanks for sharing!Retro Christmas Memories: Reclaimed!Jan 08, 2022View
5579ArticleoniparNice story, loved it! You know, interestingly, I never went to a skating rink, and only in my adult years did I even realize roller skating was "a thing" in the 80s. But I can totally relate to the arcade savior, because I'd always gravitate to the arcade selection at my local bowling alley.Skating Through The YearsJan 15, 2022View
5580ArticleoniparWow, some interesting picks! Yeah, I never saw either of these. Might have to pop them on my list for next year. TDitH's Non-traditional Christmas Movies 2: Going JapaneseJan 15, 2022View
5581ArticleoniparGood stuff! Haha, and great picture. :-p I actually *only* got to go to the mall around Christmas (until we moved from Brooklyn in 1993). Around the holidays my dad would drive us out to the Rockaway Mall, and yeah, all of my memories of the mall at that time were Christmas-related. Malls and Christmas went hand-in-hand until my teens. My introduction to holidays at the mallJan 15, 2022View
5582ArticleoniparWow, great stuff here! You know, it's funny, but I also dug out my old photos this Christmas to look through. What's awesome about your pictures if that your parents actually had you pose with the gifts. Unfortunately, even though I have TONS of pictures from Christmases past, very few actually show the presents. They're always of right before the presents were opened, or completely obscuring what the presents were. Oh well, awesome article! Retro Christmas Memories: Reclaimed!Jan 15, 2022View
5583ArticleoniparWow, very comprehensive article, good stuff. I really didn't watch much Scooby Doo, even as a kid. One of these days I'll maybe go back and watch some. 5 Times Scooby-Doo Met Real MonstersJan 15, 2022View
5584ArticleoniparTo this day, I still regret on missing over a decade of gaming. I don't know exactly why, but some time after the Genesis/Super Nintendo era (around 1995-ish?), I lost interest in video games. I'd still play my old ones now and then, but mostly I was out doing other stuff. I completely missed the N64, PlayStation, GameCube, and PlayStation 2 lifecycles (except for a small amount of time with Crash Team Racing in college). After college I lived with roommates who owned an Xbox, which is what got me back into the gaming life, but it still wasn't until a few years later when I finally bought my first system since the Genesis: The PS3. Super Smash Bros. Melee: Star Studded SequelJan 15, 2022View