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5585ArticleBenjanime@onipar honestly it's my favorite time to go, sadly i don't think it has the same impact as it did when i was a kid, but still nice to see a new generation of kids getting excited to go on a mall santa's lap to ask for gifts :) Jan 15, 2022View
5586ArticleBenjanime@onipar video games were mandatory for me really, even in high school i needed them to cope with what was going on in my life at the time, so i'm glad i could keep getting consoles as the years rolled by, i just wish they didn't have to get replaced to have the money for more.Super Smash Bros. Melee: Star Studded SequelJan 15, 2022View
5587Articleonipar@ben, I hear ya. I think when I wasn't using games to cope, it was music, art, and reading. But I also used/use video games the same way.Super Smash Bros. Melee: Star Studded SequelJan 15, 2022View
5588ArticleVaporman87That's awesome that there is a restored new version being released. It seems there are several companies out there buying up retro properties that were maybe not large scale hits, but have enough of a following to warrant new merch. I recently saw that the folks behind the "Toys That Made Us" series are rereleasing Robo Force? I rest my case. LOLRemembering The Omega VirusJan 20, 2022View
5589ArticleVaporman87Ahh. I feel safer within my winterproof fort already. I have known of the curious case of hot Dr Pepper for quite some time. As my favorite soda, it definitely boggles the mind to think of it being gulped down like a coffee. My grandmother left us a few boxes of recipes pulled from magazines of her time containing recipes like you mention that really make you scratch your head. Who thought of these things?! Who would have eaten them? Blech! Though, once in a while, I'd come across one that sounded sort of edible. As for reading, I've been in and out of the world of Olympic Vista (via the Olympic Vista Chronicles), with the first of a series, "Yesterday's Gone" by Kelly Pawlik. It's been a satisfactory defense against the snow and ice. Surviving the Long, Cold Winter Part II: Further FortificationsJan 20, 2022View
5590ArticleMr MagicAll people have to do is play it and they'll see why it was and is such a huge hit! Live it, breathe it, experience it, people!Why Chrono Trigger mattersJan 21, 2022View
5591ArticleJulieI didn't have the cartridge back then unfortunately, but I played the Nintendo DS version a few years ago. And I agree, it's such a masterpiece, unforgettable. People still love this impressive and beautiful game. One more charismatic and passionate article, my sweet love @Benjanime.❤ Impossible not loving you, my fantastic husband!❤❤ I couldn't finish the game as I'm not that skilled, but if you want to see all the amazement, here it is! Enjoy:❤ Chrono Trigger mattersJan 21, 2022View
5592ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic Absolutely, the best way to play is not having seen it before ;) @Julie i'm glad i could introduce you to the game and story in its entirety, my love ;) and thanks for providing the link to my playthrough, i love you ❤Why Chrono Trigger mattersJan 21, 2022View
5593ArticleoniparI've never been a big RPG fan, which is probably why I haven't played this game yet (despite owning a copy), but I do definitely plan to play and your article has encouraged me to do so sooner than I planned. Great stuff here! Why Chrono Trigger mattersJan 22, 2022View
5594ArticleoniparHuh, Robo Force. Go figure. :-p Yeah, it's always nice to have some cheaper options for collectibles, although so often even the newer versions end up being highly sought after due to production limits and scalpers. A never ending cycle. Remembering The Omega VirusJan 22, 2022View