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43ArticleBenjanimeit's almost the same for me here. i truly miss the days when games were just about the adventure and not how much memory you needed for a console or any of these flimsy system updates. i have taken interest in the 3DS though, as it just might be the last game console that i ever get, unless the wii u begins to have a huge library of underrated titles Dec 11, 2012View
45ArticleVaporman87"This is my favorite autobot..." That's awesome. lol I feel like, while still the nerd, I must have grown up being the anti-shakin steak nerd. I had my paws into everything that had to do with cultural phenomenons of the day. I have the awful pictures to prove it.I totally missed out!Dec 12, 2012View
166ArticleVaporman87The site is what YOU (the user) make of it. If you have a passion and wish to see it represented then it is in your power to (and you are encouraged and rewarded for) change(ing) that.I totally missed out!Jan 19, 2013View
63Articleshakin steakOh, I have awful pictures as well, trust me. I only wore sweatpants and t-shirts for years.I totally missed out!Dec 14, 2012View
122Articlejprc10Nice article. I totally missed out!Jan 08, 2013View
727ArticlepikachuloverGood article! I missed out too. I didn't have cable either. I usually watched it at realities houses. They'd put on late 80s Nickelodeon to get me to behave. I misbehaved a lot, but if there was some new show I've never seen before. I'd behave and watch it. I also was not allowed to watch scary movies. Only those cheesy B-movies. I didn't care after awhile since my friends at school would watch them and complain of having nightmares. I don't care for them as an adult. Although they usually have good special effects. I totally missed out!Jul 01, 2013View
127ArticleraptorI feel sorry for you missing out on so much stuffI totally missed out!Jan 11, 2013View
102ArticleAceNThaHoleNice article man. I feel your pain.I totally missed out!Dec 29, 2012View
165ArticlewitchphynixI don't get this website, I am confused and bewildered. I'm a product of 80's high school. where's the smurfs and super powers? Or Goldar? And where is Rom?I totally missed out!Jan 19, 2013View
42VideoVaporman87What kind of programming was usually aired during this slot?TNTs 100 Percent Weird Dec 11, 2012View