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1480ArticlesquidbeeThere was a Children's Palace store close to me during my youth. I even had the VHS tape of your first video. I wish I still had it for nostalgia's sake, but I recorded over it with music videos from 120 Minutes on MTV. Oct 23, 2014View
3535ArticleDirtyD79I remember Children's Palace from my childhood although I only remember being in 2 of them around Pittsburgh. They were expensive so we hardly ever shopped there. I remember when they shut down sometime in the mid 90s. One became became an American Eagle outlet store while the other became a Dodge dealership. I just thought the stores were so neat because of the whole castle theme they had. Children's Palace Was RealApr 30, 2016View
2330ArticledannydWas Chldren's Palace real? I don't know - I never saw one in real life. But, I know that Child World was real - I worked at one from 1986 until they closed for good in 1992. Everything that you said in your post is true - it truly was an amazing store, and even though I'm "all grown up", I still miss it. Getting back to your question again - Was Children's Palace real? Check out a new website that I've been working on, dedicated to Child World Children's Palace Was RealJun 26, 2015View
2331ArticledannydI think a spam filter filtered out the website URL - replace the DOT with a . ChildWorld DOT ROCKS or ToysWereUs DOT COM Thanks - I'm hoping to make this a place where we can prove that not only were they real, but they are still alive Children's Palace Was RealJun 26, 2015View
4400ArticleronuYes, I remember Children's Palace and it was indeed real. There was in Monroeville, PA on route 22 right in front of the mall. There is a Dodge dealership now. I was very sad when it closed in the mid '90's because I too had a lot of childhood memories of that store. I thought that I was the only person in the world that still remembers their jingle from their commercials. "At Children's Palace, the password is fun!"Children's Palace Was RealJun 06, 2018View
864ArticleVaporman87LOL. That was funny. "I think I'm going to throw up." I have those Toy Biz figures of Jill and Chris (and some others) still in sealed on the card. Yes, the Palisades figures were superior in sculpt and paint application, but these were the first RE figures widely released here in America. Funny stuff Miss M. :)Toy Talk with Miss M- Episode 2!Nov 19, 2013View
865ArticleMissMOh goodness those Palisades figures were top notch weren't they? I miss that toy company so much. They really made some amazing stuff. I have more RE stuff from Toy Biz but I thought I'd save it for another post one day. lol This one ended up becoming longer than I had expected. lol Toy Talk with Miss M- Episode 2!Nov 19, 2013View
867ArticleVaporman87Wow. That's awesome that you were able to finally complete a game that you started many years ago. That does have to be a fun and special feeling. My brother was always the RPG player in the family. I preferred the action/adventure games with real time fighting and such, as opposed to anything turn based. And, I had a hard time getting into games that used so much text instead of actual dialogue. I really don't know why, since I grew up on games with NO dialogue at all (text based OR spoken), but I think after that first time I heard "B-17 bomber" come through a speaker on the Intellivision... I felt like I wanted to HEAR the characters speak from then on. Still, I occasionally enjoyed watching the games be played through. I had some difficulty with the fact that many of the characters of RPGs were little kids. I wanted my heroes to be giant warriors with massive axes, lol. But, I've grown to appreciate the genre as the years have progressed. Now, Phantasy Star... the only Phantasy Star game I have actually played was the Phantasy Star Online game for the Sega Dreamcast. I actually spent a good deal of time playing that one with my brother in online multiplayer. I don't know if any of the story from that game tied in to the mythos of the original Phantasy Star games, or if it was something like Final Fantasy where every game is a new story, but it was a fun romp. Thanks Miss M.!The Role of Phantasy Star IIINov 22, 2013View
868ArticleBenjanimeAhh, Phantasy Star III, also known as the black sheep of the series. I still have yet to get all of the endingsThe Role of Phantasy Star IIINov 22, 2013View
872ArticleMissMVaporman- I know! It was very nice to finally finish the second one. I've enjoyed action adventure games for sure, but there is just something special about an RPG for me. I don't even know why, because on paper they sound like very boring games, but I can't get enough of them. lol I never played the Phantasy Star Online games, but I heard it was a good game. I have the Phantasy Star Zero game on the DS, but I haven't played it yet. I'm always behind on that too. lol One thing I do enjoy and love about RPGs is the music. Benjanime_ I've heard the endings are pretty good. I've only gotten past the first generation, so I still have a long ways to go. The Role of Phantasy Star IIINov 26, 2013View