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873ArticleVaporman87With regard to the Parade, I've come to appreciate it more through the years. Sure, I watched it growing up... and loved it with all the fervor a child can muster, but now I enjoy it as the start of great things to come. Seeing and appreciating all the work that goes into an event like this is something that comes easier to an adult. And I'm always amazed at how well everything turns out. Some of our newer traditions include a trip down the road to the home of some family friends, where their family gets together and enjoy a great meal and good conversation. This is something I never had growing up. Our Thanksgivings usually just consisted of our immediate family, and that still holds true. Family troubles, death, and other circumstances have left me and my wife and kids virtually alone to celebrate holidays. Going out to these folks' home gives us a taste of those big family get-togethers that you usually only see on t.v. And, probably my newest Thanksgiving tradition, is sharing my thoughts and memories here, with the great people who have become members of RetroDaze. Even though I have never met one of them, I feel like I have. And that means something.  Nov 27, 2013View
876ArticleVaporman87Thanks Miss M. Thanksgiving is, and will continue to be, fun today. Looking forward to another meal this evening with friends. Hope yours has been a great one too.Thanksgiving Is Here!Nov 28, 2013View
874ArticleFulton4VHappy thankgiving to everybody here. We will be one of those familys with 20 or more people gathered in one house. It is usually pretty chaotic but it is very fun and memorable.Thanksgiving Is Here!Nov 27, 2013View
940ArticlearizvegaThat He-man thing was cool!Thanksgiving Is Here!Jan 07, 2014View
875ArticleMissMHey Vaporman, I think one of the problems I have had with watching the parade is that I usually either sleep in or I'm up early to get things together. I am gonna try to watch it tomorrow, because it really does feel like the official kickoff of the holidays. I am glad you are able to visit with some family friends for the holiday with your family. That is nice. I am glad you have your family and friends to be with. I'm the kind of person that if someone does not have a place to be for Thanksgiving, I am forcing them to come with me. And I have to say, it is very nice to be sharing and reading these memories and traditions. I know what you mean, I have never met anyone that I have talked with and gotten to know, but I feel like I know them too. And now, with Retro-Daze, I feel like I am getting to know all new people. It is a very wonderful thing. Happy Thanksgiving Vaporman! Fulton4V- I hope you have a great Thanksgiving too! 20 or more people sounds like a very memorable Thanksgiving for sure! Thanksgiving Is Here!Nov 28, 2013View
877ArticleVaporman87First, I really love the McDonalds Barbie play set. Imagine the outcry over such a thing being on the market in this day and age! Next, I was so absolutely sure that those Herself The Elf toys were Strawberry Shortcake toys at first glance. Also, loving the Garfield items. My sister and I had several of the Smurf figurines, but none of the houses and such. We simply crafted our own out of cardboard, scissors, and markers. MOTU!!! I had everything you see there on that page when I was a kid. But, sadly, it was all eventually sold off in yard sales. Later in life, I started picking up those same toys off Ebay. I have a used Attack Trak and Point Dread now. The adventure book I kept from my childhood. Those things were so much fun (hence the addition of the Read-Along Adventures section of the site). I didn't have any Power Devils, but I did own several Stompers (which Tonka produced, I think) which were basically the same concept. It was always a blast running them over the bridges and obstacles that you could purchase. I do have an affinity for old catalogs, but have not invested in any to date. I have perused several online that have been uploaded in PDF form. And you can indeed find the occasional toy that never made it to final production (Trendmasters Doom Island Godzilla line comes to mind). Thanks for this Miss M! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.All I Want for Christmas…Nov 29, 2013View
878ArticleMissMI know! I love that McDonalds play set, especially because something like that would just never be found in stores today. And the Herself the Elf toys really do look like Strawberry Shortcake, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was like you and your sister, I would just cut out or draw on things to make them homes for people and stuff. lol I had some MOTU stuff growing up, but I mostly had the POP stuff. The toy lines were just so amazing. I'm glad you were also able to recognize and share some memories of these items. I also am glad you have an affinity for catalogs! I don't collect a lot of them, but I do have some. It is crazy because some catalogs can get really pricey! Just unbelievable. I hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving Vaporman! Talk to you later!All I Want for Christmas…Dec 01, 2013View
4746ArticleDalek227I loved these catalogs so much. It was fun circling toys you wanted. Even though you knew you'd never get them all, it was just a fun activity. I remember I had the Baby Skates doll. All I Want for Christmas…Dec 20, 2018View
21VideoVaporman87I had several of the M.A.S.K. toys in my youth. Sometimes I would have them intermingle with other toy lines to mix things up. M.A.S.K. IntroDec 09, 2012View
880ArticleVaporman87Doesn't it seem sad to think that a franchise like McDonald's offering books in their Happy Meals is "newsworthy"? I'm mean, what do we expect anymore? What WILL we expect in the future? Will Happy Meals have to come with iPhone cases or some other "tech" crap? Now, for Taco Bell to offer ANY toy or prize seems peculiar, simply because you see so little of that from them these days. The last thing I remember getting there was a Godzilla (American '98 version) cup holder for your car (remember the "Here lizard, lizard, lizard." ads with the dog?). Literary Classics at Taco BellDec 05, 2013View