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893ArticleVaporman87I know Chick-Fil-A did a Berenstain Bears book promotion in their kids meals not long ago. They were essentially shrunken versions of actual BB books on the market. Very neat. I think instead of toys with meals, Taco Bell should include some Zantac and a portable potty. Dec 09, 2013View
881ArticleBenjanimesomething tells me that this was their own way of having kids focus more in school with english than to give out the usual toys. nowadays this probably wouldn't be likely to work much due to kids playing games on tablets and playing with other gadgets. great history here overall!Literary Classics at Taco BellDec 05, 2013View
885ArticlepikachuloverA lot of places have phased out children's meal toys due to the obesity epidemic. McDonald's did give out books back in the 90s I remember getting some Berenstain Bears books there. I think Taco Bell gave out some other books. I think Little Critter books. Literary Classics at Taco BellDec 06, 2013View
892ArticleMissMpikachulover- I totally forgot about the Berenstein Bears books! That is right though, McDonalds had a few Berenstein Bear themed Happy Meals. I remember there was a very big variety of Happy Meal toys back then. They'd make books, items to promote healthy eating and exercise habits, and the usual toys. Benjanime- yeah, I do feel like kids these days are only getting more and more tech savvy that things like a book will not work compared to other gadgets. Vaporman- I totally remember that Godzilla commercial! That darn dog. I do remember that. And I don't think Taco Bell offers toys anymore with kids meals. But I might be wrong. And I know, it is very sad when McDonalds gets a ton of news over placing books in a Happy Meal. Back in the day this was just a common thing. It's crazy. I feel like Happy Meal toys will probably phase out from most stores. As newer generations come up, I don't know that they are going to care about toys, not to mention I see parents buy their children actual value meals when they should be getting them the Happy Meal. It's crazy and sad. Literary Classics at Taco BellDec 07, 2013View
27VideoVaporman87This is my all time favorite cartoon. Every afternoon when I arrived home from school, it was THIS show that I had great anticipation for, more than any other.He-Man Intro3Dec 10, 2012View
894ArticleVaporman87I hate to be a downer, but I was not much of a fan of the second Gremlins film. It felt TOO campy for my tastes. Almost like one of those Disney "sequels" to their top line properties that go straight to home video release. Still, it had it's moments. I bet it was hard to bring yourself to crack open that package containing a mini "time capsule" of sorts. It's like your cracking open a bottle of the 80's that kind of hits you in the face for a second and then disappears. You ended up with some nice additions though. Thanks for sharing Miss M! Trading After MidnightDec 09, 2013View
895ArticleThe Trash ManEven without the birthday wishes [thank you, Miss M..!], I would've loved this post a million times. Gremlins 2 is one of my absolute favorite movies and I have such fond memories of opening pack after pack of the trading cards, too! A truly wonderful look at a fantastically absurd film. Plus, shout-outs to Christopher Lee, John Glover and the late, great Robert Prosky? The only thing missing is some Murray Futterman [Dick Miller FTW] love. Great post!Trading After MidnightDec 10, 2013View
896ArticleMissMVaporman- Yeah, the movie was a bit campy. But since I love soaps, a bit of camp is like second nature to me. lol I was very very nervous about opening the cards. Once they are opened there is no going back, ya know? lol Just super scary. lol Trash Man- I never had the trading cards to this movie. I had the movie tie-in books and things like that, but I love love love these trading cards. And there was so much I wanted to mention, like Murray Futterman, but I didn't because I could have spent many more words about the characters and everything. I tried to reserve it to just the cards. lol There's always next time!Trading After MidnightDec 12, 2013View
900ArticleVaporman87This special is very well done. I had not seen it at all until only within the past few years. I was instantly captivated by it. With He-Man and She-Ra no longer part of our toy culture (on a large scale), this is one you won't see played on a major network like the Peanuts or Rankin Bass specials. But it's every bit as good, if not better. I highly recommend it. Thanks Miss M!He-Man and She-Ra Celebrate Christmas too!Dec 13, 2013View
905ArticleBenjanimei just saw the special edition dvd set at my local gamestore for the reasonable price of $14! i'll have to pick it up before i leave to go see my family. nice history!He-Man and She-Ra Celebrate Christmas too!Dec 14, 2013View