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5523ArticleoniparLove the title to this one. Sorry it was spurred by a bad day, but the exploration sounded fun. Yeah, back in Brooklyn my brother and I would go exploring all the time. The older we got, the farther we went. When I hit Junior High in 7th grade, we were given public bus passes, which opened up a whole new world too.  Oct 16, 2021View
5526ArticleBenjanime@onipar oh geez, i wouldn't see myself using a bus pass until 2012. glad to hear you and your bro got to go to more far out areas, i loved getting any chance i could get exploring somewhere new.The Mystery of the Second NeighborhoodOct 16, 2021View
5530Articleonipar@Ben, oh yeah, this was circa 1992-1993 when I had the bus pass. I was 12-13, right before I moved to PA. I actually still have the bus passes in my old wallet from those years, because yeah...I save everything. :-pThe Mystery of the Second NeighborhoodOct 18, 2021View
5517ArticleVaporman87This is an awesome selection of nostalgic specials free for the viewing. Thanks for the links to each!Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 15, 2021View
5518ArticleBenjanimeanyone else find it a bit odd that the garfield halloween special doesn't even air anymore? chairlie brown needs to be shoved aside for once lol.Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 15, 2021View
5519ArticleVaporman87@Ben: Honestly it has to be the second most beloved animated Halloween Special for most people. Though I think Mad Monster Party is pretty high up there, as well as the Will Vinton special.Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 15, 2021View
5521ArticleSockofFleagullsAnother one you can add to this list is Fat Albert's Halloween Special. I watch it every year and there is finally a quality video uploaded to YouTube.Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 15, 2021View
5522ArticleMr MagicBetter watch 'em quick before some heartless butt monkey decides to take them down.Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 15, 2021View
5525ArticleoniparGreat list! I've actually never seen the Wishbone one. And that Dracula one, I think I've only watched part of it on a VHS mixtape I have. Garfield, heck yeah. One of my favs for sure. It's funny, I was just thinking about The Last Halloween, trying to remember the name of it (haven't seen it in a long time). That's the one that had a promotional connection with M&Ms, right? Five Retro Halloween specials on YouTubeOct 16, 2021View
5539ArticleJulieThere are so many 90's games I love and that deserve to be updated, but only if the original charisma and classic gameplay can be intact. Gems like Gunstar Heroes, the amazing Radiant Silvergun you mentioned, Chrono Trigger, among countless others. There were some of them that got a sequel but they were mediocre, like the PlayStation 2 version of Altered Beast and the newer polygonal Sonic games. Sonic Mania was an awesome exception though. Another charismatic, wonderful article to warmth our heart, bringing the best of the gaming eras, old and new. I love you, my sweet @Benjanime.❤❤Classic games that deserve modern remakesNov 11, 2021View