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5652ArticleJulieI didn't watch the episode (my Sega Genesis fault LOL) but I can imagine the embarrassment. Reminded me of my decades of being a bullying victim in all the schools I tried to study. Good article, my sweetheart. ❤ Jun 17, 2022View
5657ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic it's definitely an episode i wasn't expecting compared to the other memorable ones we're used to seeing with actual good morals to them, oh well. @Julie i suppose it's inevitable that anyone will get bullied throughout their years of school, sadly we must endure, but i'm glad you got through it as i did, my love ❤The Hey Arnold Episode The Creator HatedJun 17, 2022View
5653ArticleJulieI didn't watch the Red Sky seasons thanks to the Sega Genesis getting all my attention back then, but I clearly remember the hype for the Turtles in the 90's, and I love that to this day. ❤ Yes, I'm a fan of the TMNT, and also their amazing games. ❤❤ Great article! ;) TMNT: The Red Sky SeasonsJun 17, 2022View
5656ArticleBenjanime@Julie i'll enjoy watching the entirety of the series with you, my love ❤TMNT: The Red Sky SeasonsJun 17, 2022View
5659ArticleoniparSO cool. It's been forever since I watched the series. Probably since I was a kid and they were on TV. I recently watched a YouTube video about this too, and there was a similar change after the first season I believe, when they started churning out episodes at a higher rate. TMNT: The Red Sky SeasonsJul 24, 2022View
5682ArticleJulieUnfortunately I didn't have the Virtual Boy experience. It's an intriguing console, the power of the 32-bit processing and the exciting novelty of the possible Virtual Reality experience. But after a few weeks, the bad news of the monochromatic red graphics and the headaches. A pity because the idea was amazing for the time. Great, passionate and charismatic article as always, honey. I love you, my @Benjanime!❤❤The Sad Fate of the Virtual BoySep 02, 2022View
5684ArticleMr MagicBen, have you tried a VR head set outside of the Virtual Boy? If so, is it any better?The Sad Fate of the Virtual BoySep 04, 2022View
5685ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic i currently own an oculus quest 2, it's a pretty neat headset as it doesn't require PC to play games, relying on its own hardware. the only downside is that some games can look like they have outdated graphics, so you have to look in the right direction for games that look more visually pleasing. also, there's a virtual boy emulator on it!The Sad Fate of the Virtual BoySep 05, 2022View
5686ArticleMr MagicDefinitely sounds inviting. I tried the Virtual Boy at a Blockbuster kiosk one time. I was playing some kind of tennis game. I don't think I've used Virtual Boy after that. The Sad Fate of the Virtual BoySep 05, 2022View
5644ArticleVaporman87Now you're speaking my language! I remember NONE of these cereals. Then again, I was in college for majority of the runs these cereals enjoyed. I love how crazy the gimmicks became as the '80s progressed and we headed into the '90s. Anything was fair game. Unlike nowadays, where we get next to no fun gimmicks, mascots, or funky flavors. Rarely Remembered CerealsJun 15, 2022View