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4747ArticleDalek227I loved when McDonald's did the Christmas Plus stuff. I loved the Muppet Babies, the Oliver and Company plush ornaments, Sebastian the crab ornament, etc. Also I LOVED Rodney and Ramona SO SO much. I was talking to my mom about them the other day. Dec 20, 2018View
26VideoVaporman87My Brother and I loved COPS for short time. We ended up bored with it before we ever really had any of the toys. COPS IntroDec 10, 2012View
5010ArticleBenjanimemy older sister only ever bought the plush pound puppies, had no idea there were mini plastic pound puppies figures.Top 10 Retro Toys of 2013!Aug 16, 2019View
943ArticleVaporman87Agreed Fulton. That was a classic scene. Regarding movie soundtracks, I rarely purchased one in my early teens. I did eventually buy the TMNT movie soundtrack (which I believe was the first soundtrack I ever purchased) and thoroughly enjoyed it. But I was 16 when that movie came out, so I was late coming to the "soundtrack" scene. After that purchase, I think movie soundtracks were the bulk of what I purchased as far as music is concerned. I liked that I could get a good mix of different styles of music, from various artists, all on one tape (or CD). Hear ye, Hear ye!Jan 08, 2014View
942ArticleFulton4VThe scene where the different bands play was my always my favorite of the Nerds movie. Its still one of my favorite movies of the 80s and it had some good songs.Hear ye, Hear ye!Jan 07, 2014View
944ArticleMissMFulton, one of the things I had hoped for on this soundtrack (and your comment reminded me that I totally missed mentioning it) was that I had hoped that the scene with the different bands playing in the talent show would have been featured on the soundtrack. The opening music from the talent show is on the soundtrack, but it is an entirely different song, (They're So Incredible by Revenge.) When I first heard it I was like, "Yes! They included that whole bit." But no. lol It was a different song. Vaporman- I think my first soundtrack was the Madonna I'm Breathless Dick Tracy soundtrack, which, I don't know if that totally counts. I liked collecting soundtracks as a teen. I didn't do it a whole lot when I was younger, like in middle school I'd just get blank tapes and record songs off the radio. It wasn't until around being a teen that I really got into collecting soundtracks and things like that. And by collecting, it was mostly just soundtracks to movies I really liked. lol And I agree, sometimes the best music has come from a soundtrack due to the nice mix of various artists. Hear ye, Hear ye!Jan 11, 2014View
945ArticleVaporman87LOL. I love this line: Why this look just screams, “I fight people at five in the morning at the local bar in town.” Also, I am so glad to hear that full length capes will be in this year, because I was really worried that my doing so this past week was scaring some of my fellow workers. It's good to know I'm just "ahead of the curve", and not "insane" or "losing it". Am I? Toy Talk with Miss M: Fashion Preview!Jan 12, 2014View
948ArticleMissMLOL! There is nothing insane about wearing a cape. lol I loved that. I hope that you are doing well. : )Toy Talk with Miss M: Fashion Preview!Jan 22, 2014View
946ArticleVaporman87I have never heard of this movie... and yet it has Gregory Hines, Chevy Chase (in his prime), and Sigourney Weaver? How have I not heard of this? Despite that, I may have to try and find this one on Netflix or some other service and give it a go.Deal of the CenturyJan 12, 2014View
949ArticleMissMIt has a pretty impressive cast! If you get around to seeing it, you will have to let me know what you think!Deal of the CenturyJan 22, 2014View