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472ArticleVaporman87My favorite McDonald's invention is the Egg Nog Shake. It's gotten the McCafe make over in recent years, but even prior to that, I considered it the official start of the Christmas season when I had my first Egg Nog Shake of the year. Mar 04, 2013View
473ArticleOldSchool80sI remember the Cheddar Melt, ProphetSword. That would've made a good addition to this article. As for a shake, this time of year it's appropriate to acknowledge the wonderful Shamrock Shake, too, vapor.McDonald's 80's New Menu Items Mar 05, 2013View
474ArticleMr MagicI'd liked Mickey Mania, so I might try the Magical Quest someday.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 3Mar 05, 2013View
475ArticlepikachuloverI had my first McRib in 1991 or 1992, and I never looked back. I'm a big rib-head. I started eating McNuggets in '92 also. I only started eating McNuggets because my local McDonald's started putting mustard in the burgers. YUCK! I HATE yellow mustard! I like McNuggets because they are the blandest of all the fast food chicken thingies I've tasted. McDonald's 80's New Menu Items Mar 05, 2013View
476ArticleAceNThaHoleI liked the article. I had Demon quest a long time ago and remember it being very toughObscure Gaming Legacy Volume 3Mar 10, 2013View
501ArticleVaporman87I remember all of these games. Some were played more than others in my circle of friends. Probably the most played of these games was the staring contest, since it did not require violence or much physical prowess. By the way, the Chuck Norris clip is HILARIOUS! Great read, raptor. Thanks for this!Stupid Childhood Games RememberedMar 21, 2013View
504ArticleAceNThaHoleWe would sometimes play a red light green light, Simon says, and the game where you guess what color the next vehicle was going to be. If we wanted to be violent we would just play tackle football!Stupid Childhood Games RememberedMar 22, 2013View
505ArticleFulton4VSome of these are fun games by not the flinching and tackling. Some games we played were made up by us like hide and seek but not with people, you hid an object and it made noise and the seeker had to find it. We had contests for jumping or other things and would make medals for each of us to try to winStupid Childhood Games RememberedMar 22, 2013View
516ArticleVaporman87A fun and unique list for sure. Lots of great tracks from some memorable artists, and some that I had long forgotten. It is a curious thing how often colors are invoked in song titles, and even movie titles. A wonderful read. Thanks for this!Top Songs from the 80s with a Color in the TitleMar 23, 2013View
517ArticleVaporman87As violent as raptor and his friends made some of these mostly innocent games, I wouldn't be surprised to learn they had modified Marco Polo by having the "blinded" player armed with a brick to throw whenever the others responded to his/her call.Stupid Childhood Games RememberedMar 23, 2013View