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152ArticleFulton4VNice article. Some good info there Jan 15, 2013View
155ArticleThe Ronin Identityvery interesting stuff, really enjoyed your article.Intro Jingle People RememberedJan 16, 2013View
157ArticleVaporman87This was a great read. I had absolutely no knowledge of this game and it's following until having read this. Then I did a little research on it, discovering a devoted fan base (even online versions of the game). Just excellent.The Jet Set Willy SagaJan 16, 2013View
159ArticleThe Ronin Identityvery interesting stuff, never heard of the game before thisThe Jet Set Willy SagaJan 17, 2013View
165ArticlewitchphynixI don't get this website, I am confused and bewildered. I'm a product of 80's high school. where's the smurfs and super powers? Or Goldar? And where is Rom?I totally missed out!Jan 19, 2013View
166ArticleVaporman87The site is what YOU (the user) make of it. If you have a passion and wish to see it represented then it is in your power to (and you are encouraged and rewarded for) change(ing) that.I totally missed out!Jan 19, 2013View
167ArticleAceNThaHoleDidnt have a C64 but we did have a Tandy and this game reminds me so much of some of the games we wore out on that old machineThe Jet Set Willy SagaJan 19, 2013View
179ArticleAceNThaHoleWell done sir. I will check out that documentary tonight maybe cuz you have me interested ShowBiz Pizza RememberedJan 24, 2013View
180ArticleVaporman87Right. We had a ShowBiz Pizza about 45 minutes from here some years back. If, I remember right, I may have had a birthday party there once - or attended someone elses birthday there. Great article raptor. Thanks for this.ShowBiz Pizza RememberedJan 24, 2013View
183ArticleFulton4VNever heard of Showbiz until now but we ate at Chuck E Cheese many times when I was young. I still like going there sometimes. ShowBiz Pizza RememberedJan 24, 2013View