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4739VideoMr MagicMerry Christmas, Kyle Reese! Dec 19, 2018View
4743VideoOldSchool80sThis is so awesome. Bo Duke wishing Retro-Daze a merry Christmas. Very cool!Merry Christmas from John SchneiderDec 20, 2018View
4756VideoDalek227Merry Christmas!!Merry Christmas from Mindy CohnDec 23, 2018View
4757VideoMr MagicShe's still as lovable as she was in Facts of Life.Merry Christmas from Mindy CohnDec 23, 2018View
4758VideoOldSchool80sWubba, wubba, wubba!Merry Christmas from Julie BrownDec 25, 2018View
4773Videobluegrassbaby86Aww I love GarfieldAmerican Express Card ad from 1985Jan 05, 2019View
4774Videobluegrassbaby86Is it wrong that I would actually love to have an album like this?40 Wacky Favorites commercialJan 05, 2019View
4776VideoVaporman87I am just now realizing that the main girl in this ad is played by a young Mila Kunis.Telephone Tammy CommercialJan 05, 2019View
4806VideoMr Magic@bluegrassbaby: Everyone loves Garfield.American Express Card ad from 1985Jan 15, 2019View
5130VideoCaps 2.0I meant to type "Born To Run". I was tired when I posted this.Bruce Spingsteen And The E Street Band: Born To LiveFeb 23, 2020View