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209ArticleVaporman87It's very nice to finally get to read the entire article. (For those who don't know, ProphetSword and I had some difficulty figuring out why the entire article would not make it through to the Admin Panel approval area) And now that I get to read the whole thing, I am really glad I did. This was a really nice look into a game I would otherwise have never known about. Thanks for this PS. It was a great read. Jan 26, 2013View
211ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman87: exactly. it's just like james rolfe said himself, it just doesn't feel natural playing them on the computerObscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 26, 2013View
213ArticleVaporman87You've refreshed my memory with that mention of Cyborg Justice! My brother and I had a fairly enjoyable time customizing our bots in that game. I wish there had been a wider variety of customizations, but for what it was it managed to entertain us for hours. That "footbrawl" game looks like something that was developed by the people behind Rampage and Arch Rivals. A great read, thanks for for this!Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 2Jan 26, 2013View
217ArticleFulton4VI've only heard of Milon's Castle out of this group. Never played it thoughObscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 27, 2013View
216ArticleBenjanimeactually, midway was involved with an arcade version of the game called "pigskin 621 A.D." while the genesis version was developed by a company called razor softObscure Gaming Legacy Volume 2Jan 27, 2013View
218ArticleMr MagicThe Adventures of Bayou Billy was definitely not an easy one. The first level is a challenge along.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 2Jan 27, 2013View
219ArticleBenjanimei never got to see the cartoon all-stars special until a decade later, but i wasn't fond of it either. having the characters sing in their obnoxious voices just bothered me. captain planet was a show that i always felt never needed to be on the air for so long as to how boring it was to me. i know it had a message for the environment, but i don't think we need it to carry on for more than two seasons. all in all, this was an interesting read, and i agree with your points in the showsOverrated shows from my childhoodJan 28, 2013View
220ArticleVaporman87I never understood any success had by Captain Planet. Even as a child who did not understand the use of animation to promote environmental policy, it was still lame to me. A lot of arguments can be made for feeling that these other listed shows are overrated as well. But, since I did not really watch any of these religiously, I can't say for sure. Thanks for this pikachulover!Overrated shows from my childhoodJan 28, 2013View
221ArticleAceNThaHoleThis game is like 10 games in one. I would have begged my parents endlessly for this if I had grown up with a Commodore 64CLASSIC GAMES: Lazy Jones for the Commdore 64Jan 28, 2013View
222ArticleAceNThaHoleHa! Awesome list of unheard of games Its hilarious how those soccer players are almost identical to the characters in some of their other gamesObscure Gaming Legacy Volume 2Jan 28, 2013View