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314ArticlepikachuloverI never had an era room myself. The only thing you could date it by would be the posters. Or maybe the bed sheets, but not the comforter. My older cousin had one of those 80s girl rooms with a canpony bed. One of my neighbors also had a room like that, but with the brass daybed. My aunt's house has one of those mirrored walls. The house also had the wood paneling wall until they painted over it. A house I lived in had the wood paneling wall that was poorly painted over. Especially since there was a wood shelf connected to the wall that wasn't and stood out badly. That house also had popcorn ceilings.  Feb 13, 2013View
315ArticleFulton4VMy bedroom and the guest bedroom were the only rooms in our house with wall paneling. But our downstairs tv room and the laundry room both had the shaggy rust color carpet. Retro RoomsFeb 13, 2013View
321ArticleSimply EightiesScreech was the only decent character in Save By The Bell. The others were too good looking for their own good and seemed too self-obsessed. I agree about TMNT, there was way too much merchandise being sold! Captain Planet was patronizing, and as much as I agree that the environment needs to be respected, we didn't need this nonsense! Overrated shows from my childhoodFeb 13, 2013View
322ArticlevkimoWow, very informative piece. You spoke with such a casual tone it was like you were there from the beginning. Nice work!Meridian 59 RememberedFeb 13, 2013View
324ArticleVaporman87Okay. I fixed a few typos for you. This was a great read. I was a huge fan of 3DO and Trip Hawkins for taking the risk they did on the 3DO system. But this deal seems a bit deceptive on his part. Thanks for this!Meridian 59 RememberedFeb 13, 2013View
325ArticleFulton4VThe Skeletor one kind of looks like a home made creation. I liked your article.The Curse of the VariantFeb 14, 2013View
330ArticleFulton4VI spent so much time on Everquest it was crazy. I have never even heard of this game. I liked your articleMeridian 59 RememberedFeb 15, 2013View
344ArticleZeldaQueenDon't hate on TMNT...they were the sh@t next to power rangers! And saved by the bell wasn't bad either!Overrated shows from my childhoodFeb 15, 2013View
346ArticleProphetSwordI'd heard of this game in passing, but never really experienced it. It was interesting reading about it. I checked it out just for historical purposes. Even though I didn't enjoy it in this modern environment, I saw where I might have liked it back when it was new (in fact, I probably would have played the hell out of it). But things have changed too much to enjoy it now (at least for me). Good job.Meridian 59 RememberedFeb 18, 2013View
347ArticleVaporman87Having graduated in '92, I was never too familiar with trends like these during these years. I was entering the working world and had a lot going on. It is interesting to be given an inside look at what was stylish in those years following the end of my high school days. Thanks for this!1995 & 1996 Fashion Trends (90's Girl Fashion) Feb 18, 2013View