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Operation Santa


Retro Rooms Part Deux


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90VideoVaporman87I saw no reason to not allow them. Unless there is some law against it I'm not aware of. I hope not. LOL Dec 26, 2012View
91VideoVaporman87Only Rockwell feels comfortable enough to shower with strange men wandering to and fro in his home.Rockwell - Somebody's Watchin MeDec 26, 2012View
92VideoMr MagicThat's rockin' right there!Twisted Sister - Were Not Gonna Take ItDec 26, 2012View
93VideoMr MagicClever way to make a music video.A-Ha - Take On MeDec 26, 2012View
94VideoVaporman87It's funny to think that, at some point in history, this was considered heavy and evil. Now, it's a cartoon. lolTwisted Sister - Were Not Gonna Take ItDec 27, 2012View
95VideoVaporman87Was extremely cool back in the day. Fun to watch and a good song. A-Ha - Take On MeDec 27, 2012View
96VideoMr MagicI love the liveliness of this commercial, and the fact that Popeye is in it makes it even better.Dr Pepper - Be A PepperDec 28, 2012View
97VideoVaporman87Popeye is a better dancer. lolDr Pepper - Be A PepperDec 28, 2012View
98VideoMr MagicWe are the world...of Coca-Cola.Coca-Cola - Its the Real ThingDec 28, 2012View
99VideoVaporman87Such a fun dynamic between those two. All in the Family clipDec 28, 2012View