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4342vhsCoverjkatzLooks like you used a camera from 1996 in order to take this picture too. Mar 31, 2018View
4344vhsCoverVaporman87Yeah, could be better quality. I didn't realize it was so blurry when I was approving this batch.The Abyss (1989)Apr 06, 2018View
5215vhsCoverjoshc1v9Are still searching for old VHS recordings? I have a stack, one of them has the Winter Olympics from 1989. Most are from that time frame. Email if interested. ThanksBEING-DIFFERENTJun 15, 2020View
5291vhsCoverRetroOtaku620I want this one!CAPTAIN-PLANET-AND-THE-PLANETEERS-DEADLY-GLOWOct 04, 2020View
5314vhsCoverRetroOtaku620I had no idea that this movie even existed!SANTA-AND-PETEOct 18, 2020View
5643vhsCoverJust_Esh_68'I can't even imagine how exciting it must have been to either unwrap this on Christmas morning, or slide it across the counter and lay out the c-note that it probably required to buy it back in 1980-something. Star Wars was my world for years and I watched this movie 3 or 4 times in the theatre alone; after all, in 1978 there were no VCRs in homes really, and it took years before a blockbuster movie ever made it to tape when they did. So we re-lived the wonder of the movies with the action figures and recreating scenes with our Han Solo blaster and homemade lightsabers!STAR-WARSJun 03, 2022View
31VideoVaporman87This is one reason why I believe Burton's Batman was the first real super-commercialized film in America. Yeah, Star Wars was big too. But man, Batman was just EVERYWHERE at the time.Batman Diet Coke CommercialDec 11, 2012View
30VideoMr MagicI remember this one.Trees are TerrificDec 11, 2012View
29VideoVaporman87I like the reworked version of this intro song that they are currently using for the new TMNT series on Nick. It's a nice homage to the original. The show isn't half bad either.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IntroDec 10, 2012View
20VideoVaporman87This picture is frightening. Dec 06, 2012View