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5671ArticleBenjanimethanks so much for the comments, everyone! Jul 26, 2022View
5672ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic i can't say i got to collect every single issue of the comics, it was actually rare for me to get one lol! @onipar i actually have the deluxe edition on switch! it's not bad, i just wish some of those sonic 3 music tracks didn't have to get changed.Why I Love Classic SonicJul 26, 2022View
5674ArticleBenjanimei'm with you on this, i too have been half and half with a summer experience during the years. 1. rarely able to get my friends to come along with me somewhere 2. my stepdad deciding to roll down the car windows instead of using AC 3. going to a theme park, only for my parents to argue about something dumbThe CureJul 26, 2022View
5675ArticleoniparOh yeah, I can relate to that list as well. Today at least cooled down a bit, though that only meant I had to get some yard work done.The CureJul 26, 2022View
5676ArticleSteveUrkelVaporman yup.... all they do now is mix one sugar cereal with another. Frosted flakes with marshmallows. Lucky Charms with chocolate pieces. Ugh. Rarely Remembered CerealsJul 27, 2022View
5677ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieDare lied to me growing up, no one gave away any drugs to me lol Great article though.How DARE Failed to Prevent Drug UseAug 13, 2022View
5678ArticleRetroOtaku620I saw the video on D.A.R.E.'s site, and it certainly has changed since I was a kid. But I do have them to think for keeping me away from drugs. I haven't been on drugs my entire life, and I never will, thanks to them. I even recently bought a D.A.R.E. graphic tee from teepublic.How DARE Failed to Prevent Drug UseAug 17, 2022View
5679ArticleMr MagicThere's some cheap shirts on eBay. I'm thinking of buying one.How DARE Failed to Prevent Drug UseAug 18, 2022View
5680ArticleBenjanimesorry for the small letters at the beginning of the article, this is the result of the letter size not staying where i want it toGaming Pet PeevesSep 02, 2022View
5681ArticleBenjanimefor me it wasn't just judge doom's reveal that creeped me out in who framed roger rabbit, but the scene where doom kills off a cartoon shoe when putting it in the dip to show what it can do.5 Terrifying Memories from my ChildhoodSep 02, 2022View